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With OpenStreetMap, you can clone the maps (get dumps and install the software) and use them on your own servers. If you're serious about using maps on web sites, you either give Google a few bucks (with the special API for those who wants to pay) or you use your own servers. On the browser, you can install special libraries like leaflet to have pretty maps like Google.

Analysis of 250,000 Hacker Conversations 111

Orome1 writes "Imperva released a report (PDF) analyzing the content and activities of an online hacker forum with nearly 220,000 registered members, although many are dormant. The forum is used by hackers for training, communications, collaboration, recruitment, commerce and even social interaction. Commercially, this forum serves as a marketplace for selling of stolen data and attack software. The chat rooms are filled with technical subjects ranging from advice on attack planning to solicitations for help with specific campaigns."

Comment Re:are you kidding me? (Score 1) 305

I installed Firefox 7.0 recently because I needed a SQLite manager and it's available as an add-on. But I'll stay with Chrome for the moment to browse the web, it's fast, stable and has all the features I need.

Tokyo Subway Gets Lightsaber Handrails 61

jafo writes "I can't imagine that even the most steadfast haters of Lucas' meddling in the series won't warm their cold, cold hearts a little when the new release brings the awesomeness of light sabers to the Tokyo subway system. As a promotional tie-in, the handrails have been outfitted with stickers, LEDs, and buttons, turning them into fully-functional (well, almost) Jedi weapons. Be careful, Tokyo, of what part of the handrail you reach out for!"

Nike to Unveil Self Lacing Shoes? Screenshot-sm 281

xTK-421x writes "Looks like Nike is announcing tonight (8:30PM PST) that they've finally been able to create the self lacing shoes from Back to the Future 2. TechCrunch reported on receiving an invitation to a Nike event taking place in Los Angeles today, where Nike would announce the release of the Air Mags, the self-lacing shoes that first made their appearance in Back to the Future II."

Comment Re:Not a chance. (Score 1) 241

The Arduino IDE can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux. If I want to try this Gadgeteer, I would have to install Windows and some kind of Visual Studio. The last time I installed Windows it took me a whole afternoon and I wasted a lot of time fixing all kind of problems and had to fight their serial number scheme (even when my copy was valid). I'll also say that this project will most likely be killed in less than a year so I don't know why I would waste my time with it.

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Somehow related but is there an open-source, cross-platform adventure game engine scriptable with a language like Lua. I haven't found one yet and always wished I could write new adventures for Guybrush Threepwood (or create somethin else completely new ). Most of the existing projects are using closed-source win32-only engines which is disappointing. I could help such a project if there is one.

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Thank you my good man for correcting this young fellow with such a high ID number. I'm not english at all and was very curious at your suggestion, but I knew that the internet would settle your disagreement once and for all, for it seems that "In American English go is sometimes followed directly by a bare infinitive" (source).

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