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by nitehawk214 (#47562061) Attached to: A 24-Year-Old Scammed Apple 42 Times In 16 Different States

it is up to the cashier to hold the card, read the number and call it themselves

It is up to the cashier to call THEIR OWN BANK.
They are not supposed to call the number on the back of the customers card -- for reasons that should be pretty bleeding obvious.

What good would that do? Their bank doesn't know if the customer's credit card is valid.


Why the FCC Is Likely To Ignore Net Neutrality Comments and Listen To ISPs 140

Posted by Soulskill
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Jason Koebler writes: Time and time again, federal agencies like the FCC ignore what the public says it wants and side with the parties actually being regulated — the ISPs, in this case. Research and past example prove that there's not much that can be considered democratic about the public comment period or its aftermath. "Typically, there are a score or so of lengthy comments that include extensive data, analysis, and arguments. Courts require agencies to respond to comments of that type, and they sometimes persuade an agency to take an action that differs from its proposal," Richard Pierce, a George Washington University regulatory law professor said. "Those comments invariably come from companies with hundreds of millions or billions of dollars at stake or the lawyers and trade associations that represent them. Those are the only comments that have any chance of persuading an agency."

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Of course, cash isn't insured... once it is stolen, it is stolen. However, there are risks with all decisions.

I'd rather like my purse taken away from me than my eye cut out because it gave biometric access to my account.

Right, because that is likely to happen...

Lets keep our arguments against this to reasonable ones, as not to give people reason to actually try to implement this insanity.

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None of those are point of sale, and none of those show up in this study. On the flip side, very large transactions are not point of sale either, such as houses, cars, etc.

Which means that the percentage of actual transactions performed by card is much lower than they are leading us to believe. The article is using statics to mislead people, and drive clicks by working people into a frenzy.

Cash is not going anywhere anytime soon, folks. Calm down.


Rocket Scientist Designs "Flare" Pot That Cooks Food 40% Faster 204

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An anonymous reader writes Oxford University engineering professor Dr Thomas Povey just invented a new cooking pot that heats food 40% faster. The pot is made from cast aluminum, and it features fins that direct flames across the bottom and up the sides, capturing energy that would otherwise be wasted. The pot is set to hit the market next month in the UK. "Povey specializes in the design of high-efficiency cooling systems for next-generation jet engines. He is also an avid mountaineer and says that this invention was spurred by the long time it takes for water to reach a boil at high altitudes. He and a group of his students worked three years experimenting with different designs before they came up with one being marketed."

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