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Comment Re:No. Give the control to the users (Score 1) 251

Well that is kind of dumb. If I was looking for a pickup truck or a digital camera, I would simply go to google and run a search for those things. Not put them as terms in an app that may or may not bother me with those things while I am busy looking at something else.

Comment Re:The Volkswagen scandal is a good thing (Score 1) 126

The uninsured would have gone the hospital and not paid a dime anyhow. The ACA doesn't change much for injuries except some accounting on the billing side.

For preventable diseases, this will cause previously uninsured to seek a doctor instead of waiting for it to be an emergency. An emergency room visit is about 100x more expensive than a doctor's office visit. Plus everything dangerous is more survivable the earlier it is detected.

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