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Comment: Re:It's not your phone (Score 1) 608

If, instead, I was given a free $10 gift card from Apple to anything in their catalog, I would be happy to make my own selections.

Yes, but that would not net Apple or Bono or the record company, or whoever else is making money from this reverse payola scheme, any extra cash.

Comment: Re:Or, Apple could be fearful of comoditization (Score 1) 404

I am sure people already do this, and in any event the employees of the store will steer the person to the thing that is the most profitable for them, even if the person really does want an iPad.

Best Buy's Samsung store within a store are really annoying at this. (Though oddly enough I liked the Samsung Tab much better than the Nexus 7 I originally intended to buy. But I only got the tab because I told the Samsung guys to leave me alone while I inspected both products and made my own decision.)

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