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Comment Re:Sony makes the best camera modules? (Score 1) 136

Atik 490ex mono, which is very similar to the QHY in size. You will love shooting mono, I just did my first narrowband last month and it was fantastic. I still need to figure out how to get the focus perfect, though. With so little light coming through on the narrowband filters, it is a bit harder to get the focus exact. One of these days I will get an autofocus motor.

I don't image at -20C in the summer though, its too damn warm out here and the cooler cant get it that low without killing the battery. But even at 0C I have never had a stuck pixel.

Comment Soyuz parking move (Score 1) 36

I have seen a lot of talk and images about the Soyuz the moved to a different docking port. They say it was to make room for this new craft. But that doesn't make sense to me. Couldn't the newly arriving Soyuz just park wherever the last one moved to? I believe there are 4 ports that can accept a Soyuz (there is a Progress cargo ship currently occupying a port as well).

Comment Re:Firing up the base (Score 1) 576

Well, if by terrorist group she means keeping people constantly afraid that some immigrant is going to rape and kill them, and that we have to ship them all away...

Watch fox news for about 10 minutes, and there will be some fear-mongerer there.

(Note, I could not read you link, Time seems to be buggy and not show anything more than the first paragraph.)

Comment So, what is he suggesting. (Score 2) 576

We all have rfid implants, and set up scanners everywhere? Because how would you know the visitors from the residents unless you track everyone?

Even if this wasn't a giant affront to rights, how would he even expect to technically implement this?

Do republicans really go apeshit for this kind of complete fantasy bullshit? So much for "freedom 'murcia." (oh right, freedom only applies to people born here that are christians)

Comment Re:Sony makes the best camera modules? (Score 1) 136

I have a high-end Sony astronomy cooled CCD camera with the icx814 sensor. The thing is unbelievable. 3.69m pixels, 10 minute dark exposures (that is, exposures with the lens cap on for calibration purposes), and not a single pixel gets illuminated. I have never seen another camera perform this well.

Even a lot of Nikon designed sensors are manufactured by Sony. They are just that good at it.

I think I will wait for the a7sII to come out then pick up a used/refurbished a7s. I would rather have a D800s, but it is too damn expensive.

Comment Re:"quality of finish" does anybody really care? (Score 3, Insightful) 136

I can see you do not own an iPhone either.

That being said, I think the Nexus 5 really was the best looking phone on the market when I bought one. Mostly because it did not have that goofy curved back that some Samsung phones have, nor that absurdly large bezel that Motorola has. I hope the Nexus 5mkII looks the same.

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