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Comment: Re:Erh... I don't get it (Score 1) 82

The three largest telescopes are in the northern hemisphere. But there are big observatories in both the north and the south. A lot of them are in Hawaii, which is decently close to the equator, so it gets pretty good all around views.

The the next two super telescopes are already under construction, ESO's EELT in Chile, and the TMT in Hawaii.

Comment: Re:Why link to Gawker instead of the original arti (Score 1) 79

Gawker sites are always useless clickbait advertising traps. Thus they have so many sites linking to each other for more advertising clicks. What passes for journalism there is simply reposting other people's work. Buzzfeed actually manages to be worse (you know it is bad when Gawker calls someone out for plagarisim.)

Comment: Re: How about mandatory felony sentences instead? (Score 1) 332

by nitehawk214 (#48683471) Attached to: Drunk Drivers in California May Get Mandated Interlock Devices

Drunk drive once: death penalty. Drive over the limit: death penalty. Avoid paying your taxes: death penalty. Jay walking: death penaly. Use drugs: death penalty. You are a facsist.

And even if you were just spouting rhetorical bullthit about the death penalty, how does filling the jails with nonviolent offenders help?

Comment: Re: Lazy farmer (Score 2) 110

by nitehawk214 (#48671565) Attached to: Scientists Say the Future Looks Bleak For Our Bones

Actually here are the real numbers. GP is pretty close, though.

It lumps all accidents together, I couldn't find a breakdown of them. But I am willing to be that car accidents are the vast majority of them.

1. Accidents (over 37% of all deaths in this range)
2. Suicide
3. Homicide
4. Cancer
5. Heart Disease
(HIV is #6 for the 25-34 group)

Cancer and Heart Disease are #1 and #2 overall. Those will tend to get almost everyone in the end. If you manage not to die young.

Now, comparing with the 2002 data, a large drop in accident deaths in the 15-24 group, while 25-34 group went up. The total for both groups is lower, though. I am going to go out on a limb here and say this is due to cars getting safer, and not teenagers getting smarter. :)

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