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Comment Re:That's one way to do it (Score 1) 208

Compared to phones pcs suck!! 100 dpi in 2015 wtf .

Are you buying shit screens and then complaining about the result? Also do you sit 6in from your 24" monitor?

Bulky plastic,

Huh? Wtf are you buying?

mechanical disks, etc

No! STOP! Really just stop!

Get out of the second hand thrift shop and actually go to an electronics store.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 125

The only real problem for nuclear is that it's too damned expensive compared to fossil fuels and now even solar and wind.

That's only a problem in the west where we not only don't have a level playing field by we actively balance it away from nuclear towards both green AND coal to protect the interests of the existing industries while paying lip service to the greenies.

If you look to the middle east and to the west they can't build the things fast enough, and yet they don't seem to be bankrupting themselves.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 70

Fanboi much?

The most popular flight controller around is the Naze32 with an STM32F1 ARM MCU. No one is having trouble with the instruction set, durability or any of that other stuff you're wrapped yourself around.

The parent didn't have a problem either. The only real problem is your reading comprehension.

Cutting edge flight controllers have moved on to ARM Cortex-M4s. That MCU provides a floating point unit for faster signal processing of gyro and accelerometer data, implementing filters and solving PID calculations at much higher speed.

Define cutting edge. So far I've yet to see a fancy 32bit flight controller do something that mine can't, and mine runs on an 8bit AVR, not even configured at full clock speed. So don't tell me about your fancy multi-stage pipelines, tell me about the real world benefit because so far I've experienced none. Heck I still have a naza controller (which had a 32bit ARM from the very beginning) unused somewhere in in the bottom of a drawer.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 125

So far they have not managed to kill all of humanity, but they will keep trying until they succeed.

Do you actually believe this, in which case you're insane, or are you simply lying about other people to make yourself seem better?

I hope that some day we can screen for this type of evil early on and can drown them a birth.

So killing children is awesome when it advances your political goals. But then what ground do you have to call other people evil for killing people accidentally?

Seriously, can't you just watch wrestling or something for this sort of thing, and come discuss serious matters when your tribal instincts have been satisfied?

Comment Re:Survey bias (Score 1) 125

The lies of the nuclear-apologists are really staggering and so is their stupidity...

Perhaps. And perhaps the Anonymous Coward you're answering is pro-nuclear. We don't know, since he only made a comment on methodology. What we do know is that you're following a tribal politics approach to engineering decisions, which will most certainly result in lots people getting hurt needlessly, either directly or through economic consequences.

Comment Re:Ha (Score 2) 284

but I'm not a single-issue voter like a lot of people.

But the country's problems ARE single issue, namely that the government at high levels place the desires of corporations above the rights of the people. In fact the government places pretty much everything above the rights of the people. The problem is that this is not a partisan issue, it's not even an isolated American issue.

Comment Interesting (Score 5, Interesting) 49

Kernel bypass plus zero copy are, of course, old-hat. Worked on such stuff at Lightfleet, back when it did this stuff called work. Infiniband and the RDMA Consortium had been working on it for longer yet.

What sort of performance increase can you achieve?

Well, Ethernet latencies tend to run into milliseconds for just the stack. Tens, if not hundreds, of milliseconds for anything real. Infiniband can achieve eight microsecond latencies. SPI can get down to two milliseconds.

So you can certainly achieve the sorts of latency improvements quoted. It's hard work, especially when operating purely in software, but it can actually be done. It's about bloody time, too. This stuff should have been standard in 2005, not 2015! Bloody slowpokes. Back in my day, we had to shovel our own packets! In the snow! Uphill! Both ways!

Comment Re:What? (Score 4, Insightful) 110

Automatically goes into an issue-tracking system, instead of needing to be manually entered. Cutting out the person on the other end makes things faster, and lets more of the budget be put to fixing problems instead of overhead.

There may be other, lesser advantages. It could let them provide photos or GPS coordinates, or have an easier follow-up process to make sure the problem was actually fixed.

Comment Re:Why no diesel hybrids? (Score 1) 372

Diesels naturally produce more particulates and NOx, neither of which is particularly controlled in the EU.

Well except that the emission standards for current gen Diesels require lower NOx than the emissions of a gasoline engine from 10 years ago. Emission requirements between 2005 and 2015 show that NOx for gasoline has halved, and for diesel it has quartered. The gap is no where near as big as you think.

Also Euro 6 regulations are as strict or stricter than the USA regulations depending on how you look at it, but not as strict as the California specific ones.

VW is also recalling European cars. LOTS of them. More than they've ever sold in the USA.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 155

A good design would reset the dial string on an invalid entry.

What if your hands are shaking because you're dying because the terrorist who's trying to nuke New York just shot you, and you need to warn Bruce Willis before you do? Getting right 3 in a row might be quite hard in those circumstances. So it's not really a good design, unless you want the nuclear terrorists to win.

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