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Comment: Re:I'm a brewer (Score 1) 48

by nitehawk214 (#47954601) Attached to: SteadyServ Helps Keep the Draft Beer Flowing (Video)

Ok, "bar owner", you must not also be the bartender or manager. There is no difference between "consumer" and "bar" kegs. All kegs come pressurized AND require an external CO2 tank. (Though some people use air pumps since they do not have CO2 equipment. Anyone doing this looks like a amateur frat-boy, just use bottles and cans for crap's sake.)

If the beer contained no head-space, there would be no way to get it pressurized. And if there was oxygen in the head-space it would cause the beer to go (see frat-boy example above) And if it contained CO2 in the head-space but was no under pressure it would take forever to get it pressurized when a keg is exchanged.

Lastly, kegs with different styles of beers have different weights. And if you do overcarbonate it, it will weigh more. If you really do own a bar, you must only serve shit light beers.

Seriously, have you ever actually picked up a keg or swapped out a sankey? Do you notice there is no giant inrush of gas when the connector is hooked up? Have you ever accidentally not had the CO2 turned on when the sankey hooks up and notice that pressure rushes FROM the keg back into the line? (And if the beer was foamy from being jostled, foam goes up into your CO2 line, which is a serious pain in the ass.)

Comment: Re:Why can't anyone compete? (Score 1) 153

by nitehawk214 (#47941951) Attached to: Dealership Commentator: Tesla's Going To Win In Every State

In addition... small or local car dealerships should not complain about Tesla for killing their business model. They should look to those car mega-dealers that completely shit on their customerbase in order to make a dollar. No wonder so many people despise all car dealerships.

Comment: Why can't anyone compete? (Score 1) 153

by nitehawk214 (#47941937) Attached to: Dealership Commentator: Tesla's Going To Win In Every State

If a car maker would sell regular cars the way Tesla does, why couldn't they compete in a major way and dominate the younger generation demographic?

I suppose the barrier here is all the big auto makers are so set in their ways with and entrenched in regulatory capture that there is no incentive for them to change to a new "model".

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If, instead, I was given a free $10 gift card from Apple to anything in their catalog, I would be happy to make my own selections.

Yes, but that would not net Apple or Bono or the record company, or whoever else is making money from this reverse payola scheme, any extra cash.

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I am sure people already do this, and in any event the employees of the store will steer the person to the thing that is the most profitable for them, even if the person really does want an iPad.

Best Buy's Samsung store within a store are really annoying at this. (Though oddly enough I liked the Samsung Tab much better than the Nexus 7 I originally intended to buy. But I only got the tab because I told the Samsung guys to leave me alone while I inspected both products and made my own decision.)

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