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Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 662

This is why SJW people support doxing, harrassment, and the limitations of free speech.

Look at who supports the legal regulation of real names online. Think about why they want this. It isnt to reduce harrassment and trolling, people will do that anyhow. It is so the can persecute and track down anyone with a dissenting opinion.

Look at the case of Gregory Alan Elliott. Disagree with a feminist? Go to jail and have your livelyhood taken away.

Comment Re:The Intermittent Combustion Engine (Score 1) 496

That works fine for trains and boats, but here on roads we need to occasionally stop.

In cities we need to stop a lot, therefore the pollution from engines is worse. A steam or stirling engine isn't going to help much here when I need power right the heck now, not in five minutes when the engine heats up. Hybrid engines are more smooth on power use since you can divert energy into the batteries and get it back quick without taxing the gas engine. Even trains do this.

But in that case, you might as well go full electric and eliminate the heat engine entirely.

Comment Re:This is such a tree hugger article (Score 1) 496

Because supertankers and beef ranches are operating out in t he middle of nowhere. Cars are operating right in the middle of the cities where almost everyone lives.

I am not saying we should not be looking at these other industries; but if we want to improve air quality where people live, we need to stop driving so many cars and trucks make the ones we do drive cleaner. The second of those two options is much easier to regulate and implement.

Comment Re:Cars (Score 2) 496

But for 100+ years there has been few restrictions on movement and migration in the US. It is quite normal for families to live on opposite sides of the country. Whereas up until recently there were controlled borders throughout most of Europe. In the case of the Iron Curtian, very controlled borders.

With the expansion of the Schengen Area you might see more widely traveled and spread families. But even then, migration isn't as simple as it is in the USA.

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