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Comment: Not impressed (Score 1) 86

by nis (#37950414) Attached to: Mobile App Search: So Broken AltaVista Could Do It

I searched for tablet news in the Android category. Neither pulse or newsr are on the first page of results, but the Google reader app which is a joke on the tablet is the second result. Maybe they should have categories for tablet apps and phone apps. It's not like google search is much better, because the results for "android tablet news app" just brings links to a bunch of top 10 stories and no links to individual apps. Google app market online has a pretty good result though for "tablet news."


+ - Honeycomb Source Code Released By Asus-> 2

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jfruhlinger writes "Google is holding back its general release of Honeycomb source code, but of course it has to share that code with the hardware manufacturers who are building Honeycomb tablets. Well, one of those partners, Asus, made at least part of the Honeycomb code base public as part of the release of its Eee Pad Transfomer tablet."
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Comment: Re:Low power, really? (Score 1) 183

by nis (#32565856) Attached to: SeaMicro Unveils 512 Atom-Based Server

Isn't the point of this also that these have significantly more IO and Memory bandwidth for the same amount of power consumed? For applications that are more IO and memory bound than CPU bound (web serving, map-reduce) these things will be far more efficient overall. For a CPU bound algorithm this probably wouldn't really be the best solution.

That being said, traditional databases are IO bound, but they work better on faster independent machines with a lot of cores and a single backplane, but this technology may be better for some of the new generation of "noSQL" databases that are designed for "horizontal scalability."

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