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Comment: Re:Yes if there are no jobs (Score 4, Interesting) 391

by ninkendo84 (#34610520) Attached to: Is Going To an Elite College Worth the Cost?

Doesn't quite mesh with the statistics I've heard. I've always heard that in a recession, the person with the lower education (assuming they're still qualified) is likely to get hired, because they're the one who is less likely to jump ship as soon as a better job comes around. It's the basic problem of being overqualified during a recession that a lot of people are facing.

Comment: Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 289

by ninkendo84 (#29092503) Attached to: TomTom Releases iPhone Navigation App

Basically, the simple answer is that in the Google Maps app, you have to tell the app when you've reached a turn. It doesn't detect it. (So you have to hit "Next" a bunch of times through your route) The TomTom app will detect when you're close to a turn, tell you (out loud, even) and advance to the next step in the route.

I think the turn-by-turn technology (basically the ability to detect when you've completed a turn) is patented, so the Google Maps app does all it's really allowed to do without infringing patents (hence the need for you to tell it when you've completed a turn.) This also would explain why no turn-by-turn apps are allowed in the app store.

Comment: Re:The "Lord of HOSTS" sayeth READ (serious) (Score 1) 671

by ninkendo84 (#28678549) Attached to: Windows 7 Hits Build 7600 (Possible RTM)
Holy crap! It's APK, the legend himself! He Who Shall Not Be Mentioned! You're a legend in the Ars forums, man. Hats off to your amazing ability to troll. You don't see many who master the craft like you do anymore.

Comment: Re:Any idea what the thrust level is? (Score 1) 168

by ninkendo84 (#28597849) Attached to: Successful Test of Superconducting Plasma Rocket Engine
They *had* tested with only 30kW of power, because they were waiting for their superconductor to ship. Once it was delivered (in late June, according to TFA) they were able to get to higher outputs. I closed the tab and now it's slashdotted, so I forget the amount, but it was above 100kW and they're waiting until the 14th to do their full-scale test, expected to reach 200kW.

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