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Comment As usual.. missing information (Score 2, Informative) 637 637

"In April 2008 it was reported that 13 year-old Nico Marquardt from Potsdam, Germany had recalculated the odds as part of a science competition, and found the risk had been underestimated. Taking into account the possibility of the asteroid colliding with one or more of the estimated 40,000 artificial satellites orbiting the earth, possibly causing a shift in its orbit, increases the probability of a collision with [5] earth on its next fly-by in 2036 to 1 in 450. NASA was reported as confirming these results with the ESA[6], yet they have since apparently denied these claims, and on April 15, 2008 it was reported Nico Marquardt's calculations were incorrect." -- Wikipedia

Submission + - Leopard is the New Vista 4 4

ninja_assault_kitten writes: Interesting rant from Oliver Rist of PC Magazine. He compares the catastrophy that is Vista to the recently released OSX Leopard. While clearly one is a lion and the other a cub, is does appear to be an apples to apples comparison and it's qutie sad. From the article, "...the fact that so many of the semi-important changes don't work, the fact that Apple turned a stable OS into a crash-happy glitz fest, or that the annoying, scruffy Live Free or Die Hard actor infecting my TV (and our Web site, by the way) is pretending that Leopard is better than Vista". Worth a quick read.

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