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Comment: what a real guard does vs a robot (Score 2) 138

by nimbius (#48433879) Attached to: Microsoft Rolls Out Robot Security Guards
For people quesitoning the functionality or durability of this machine, its important to understand what a meat-space security guard does, observe and report. Security services will tell you upfront that their services are only meant to convey a sense of security, not to actually secure or make secure things in the first place. Guards, in most capacities, are not charged with stopping assailants, arresting theives, or even confronting people who break the law. The vast majority do not in fact even carry pepperspray. their appearance alone is used as a deterrance, and at best while they receive CPR, AED, and O2 certifications they are compelled to use their discretion when and if to apply these skills.

Machines are perfect for this work as they never tire from watching monitors for hours or days on end. They will never sprain an ankle or catch a cold, or show up late. the question is however, does the presence of a machine deter criminals as well as the presence of a human being in an official looking uniform. If theives routinely disregard electronic locks, security cameras, inventory control alarms, burglary and silent hold up alarms, and even warnings of time-delay safes, then its perfectly reasonable to assume these robotic guards will be no more effective than a curiousity. Expect to lose any gains saught from employing a real person when you have to pay for graffiti removal theft. You can also expect them to exist as a vector for network security attacks.

Comment: FBI Director James Comey may not care. (Score 1) 92

by nimbius (#48425521) Attached to: WhatsApp To Offer End-to-End Encryption
FISA courts, secret warrants and GITMO still exist. If the government wants information on encrypted data being sent from a computer to a server, they'll quietly demand it from the root console. Systems that would seriously secure the user would be over the wire and on disk encryption, with keys dynamically generated and unknown to the provider. This however would also empower the user to seek privacy from facebook itself.

kids dont care but then again they arent allowed on my lawn. Stop using *cloud, *app, *book, *mail. Back in my day we ran our own mail and patronized services like freenode that ensure the security of their users and avoid pavlovian backflips for governments.

Comment: its true, there is no such crime. (Score 1) 164

by nimbius (#48425479) Attached to: US Gov't Seeks To Keep Megaupload Assets Because Kim Dotcom Is a Fugitive
Secondary copyright infringement may not exist, but there is another law that prohibits a foreign defendant with a competent legal team from making the US government look like an incompetent wing of the entertainment industry in a kangaroo court during a show trial to enforce imaginary laws for propaganda. Last i heard the penalty was 67 million dollars.

Comment: its all about choice. (Score 3, Interesting) 534

by nimbius (#48416773) Attached to: Debian Votes Against Mandating Non-systemd Compatibility
Im not sure who at debian proposed this idea, that packagers be required to maintain support for non-systemd applications, but its untenable at best. It would mean a redesign of gnome, KDE, and a dearth of other code that in many cases makes no sense (how does networkManager get this treatment outside the scope of systemd?) this particular vote also smacks of an attempt at debian character assassination. the fact is that Debian, and Ubuntu, need to sit down and recognize is that open source software means If i, or users, want rc-init support in Debian for a package we can code it.. If the package doesnt do what we want we can either commit, fork, change packages, or change operating systems. Bureaucratic red tape seems to be an Ubuntu specialty thats strong-armed its way into debian from the start of Systemd. pointless electoral procedures avoid the cusp of the communities argument. SystemD is controversial enough that Debian should give the user the choice to decide whether they want systemd.

Comment: Sexism only cuts one way. (Score -1, Flamebait) 635

by nimbius (#48402167) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games
In the united states this isnt a popular statement, but its true. Much like racism cannot be racist against white people, Its not possible to be 'sexist' against men in America. Sexism, as with racism, is a systematic disenfranchisement and discrimination against women along with a prejudice oriented toward them. The existence of a dominant power structure exists in both forms of disenfranchisement and as such, makes it impossible for the targeted minority to exert such a control over its majority. woman earn less pay, and are artificially limited in their participation in our armed forces. many golf courses as well in the united states still refuse women.

it would be interesting to see if these parallels do indeed exist in Sweden. If indeed a greater level of equality exists there, it would naturally follow that yes, sexism ratings must include sexism against men. For example: a video game character cannot be incarcerated in the game more severely for being male, or cannot be portrayed as the sole transgressor in a domestic dispute.

Comment: the greater concern is in the definition. (Score 2, Insightful) 316

the last few major "acts of terrorism" in britain have been by a gent named Pavlo, a Ukranian man with a distinctive axe to grind against Muslims. the 2007 glasgow attack was stretched as a "terror ramming attack" of all things, and in 2008 an individual with a history of mental problems who had 'recently converted to islam' attempted to bomb a cafe.

When governments pass antiterrorism laws, its amusing to see their concern for children or the welfare of the youth as Terrorism in the strategic sense does not serve to undermine the citizenry but their government. Events like disclosing sensitive government information related to, in the case of the states, the wholesale slaughter of a crew of journalists by a helicopter team and an ensuing coverup for example are acts of terrorism as they directly challenge and discredit the government as an agent acting genuinely in the best interests of its citizenry. Lastly, it remains to be said that Terrorists arent a toggle switch. In most cases these individuals have been pushed to desparation over many years until theyre left determined with nothing to lose. For example, the secret drone strike that killed a man or womans family may be met with a seemingly random and disproportionate retaliation 12 years later as theyve joined a support group of terrorists equally affected by these strikes and ignored by their respective governments.

Britain and most western governments hate terrorism because it is an effective means of wearing down psychologically and emotionally one or more governments political policies in a means that cannot be bargained away or ignored. it inspires political churn in the state, distrust and apathy in the citizenry, and ultimately a further push from policies such as dominionism. It can also be argued that miring large nations in protracted, endless war is both an effective catharsis for an exploited people as well as deterrent against future distatesful foreign policy in the resultant return of wounded troops whom while perfectly alive, serve as a tangible reminder of the govenments complete lack of prudence and judgement again and again.

Comment: the mafiAA should take note (Score 1) 356

by nimbius (#48349957) Attached to: Pirate Bay Co-Founder Peter Sunde Is a Free Man Again
Its difficult to prescribe biblical retribution in countries that take a rational approach to criminal incarceration. While in the united states we use the tongue-in-cheek phase 'correctional facility' sweden and other more evolved contries take a more pragmatic approach and actually work to 'correct' the bad behavior by investigating causes and potential solutions. 8 months for piracy is still a little harsh, and 8 months in a maximum security facility should serve as a clear warning to people like Assange. American interests can absolutely butter the courts into whatever they feel works best, including a nearly 1 year stint alongside murderers and violent offenders for a victimless crime that largely has no rehabilitative prescription as the sites in question are search engines, not content providers, much to the entertainment industries virulent protest.

Comment: the environment changes, the equation remains. (Score 1) 297

by nimbius (#48349193) Attached to: Study: Body Weight Heavily Influenced By Heritable Gut Microbes
This smacks of the much chided 'im not fat its glandular' argument, so ill wait for the peer review. Regardless of the determining factors of bodyweight however, it remains important to remember than total body weight is a function of caloric intake - caloric expenditure. no human in the history of evolution has escaped this.

Comment: a historic relic no longer tolerated. (Score 5, Informative) 461

by nimbius (#48346381) Attached to: Washington Dancers Sue To Prevent Identity Disclosure

In the past these repositories of personal information, names addresses and dates of birth,were maintained in the explicit interest of providing an expedited avenue for puritanical groups to harass and intimidate through the power of the state. In the past many owners of gay and lesbian night clubs were targets of assaunt and assassination through public records. Today, many modern puritanical laws infringe upon liberty in the pursuit of extremist religious doctrine as well. for example, abortion records have no HIPAA protection in order to explicitly allow religious groups to target service practitioners, customers, and staff. Lately that targeting has been of a distinctly terrorist nature through the reticle of a high powered rifle, or the blast radius of an improvised explosive. Of course Mister Van Vleet insists he merely wants to 'pray' for the dancers. He insists the prayers will not function through their stage names alone, but only through their real names which is strange as many christians pray for the troops amorphously and not by name. when pressured by a journalist, he insisted he would not harm the dancers but that prayer was merely 1 of many 'protected reasons' he needs the names.

strip clubs, whatever we may think of them, are a beacon of nothing less than american liberty. they dont exist in Pakistan, Iran, or North Korea and to suggest as this religious zealot has that somehow 7 million washingtonians are as fervently interested in the personal information of less than 100 dancers is to succor a distant memory of 1850 when the riverboat was queen and the negro was "scientifically" inferior. The menace of sexual temptation in the 21st century as it applies to 'decency' of any nation ranks rather lowly on this millenials list of concerns, trumped easily by the menace of having to explain to his 7 year old son what to do in a school shooting.

Comment: im sure the financiers were horrified. (Score 1) 208

by nimbius (#48324985) Attached to: PC Cooling Specialist Zalman Goes Bankrupt Due To Fraud
Bank Analyst: oh god guise...this is bad...we've given billions of dollars to a company that makes personal computing chip coolers and exhaust systems...
PHB:Yeah Zalman...they do things with computers and internet, and probably clouds too its the smartest...
Analyst: dont know those little fans in the back of the computer....
PHB:....mother of god.....

Comment: Gentlemen, we are out of ideas. (Score 2) 164

by nimbius (#48324371) Attached to: Discovery Claims It Will Show a Man Being "Eaten Alive" By an Anaconda
Discovery Exec:In its early years, the channel's focus centered on educational programming in the form of cultural and wildlife documentaries, and science and historical specials. It also broadcast some Soviet programming during this time, including the news program Vremya. In 1988, the channel premiered the nightly program World Monitor. In 1988, we debuted an annual programming stunt called Shark Week, the week-long event eventually gained in popularity starting in the 1990s and continues to be shown each summer on the channel to this day. Fast forward to 2014 and, im sorry to say this but we appear to be flat out of original ideas. We sound probably just start shuttering the doors and handing out pink slips becau....
breathless intern rushes through the door: A SNAKE!!!!
Intern: WE feed a camera man to a snake...or talent...or have talent outside but we feed someone to a snake and record it, for television.
Exec: Jesus Christ on a crutch....thats just dumb enough to work...but how does he survive the snake?
Casting director: Snake..proof...suit? Exec:: kid you just saved the season. at least, until we get the rights to honey boo boo.

Comment: Get rid of MTP (Score 1) 214

by nimbius (#48317977) Attached to: Android 5.0 Makes SD Cards Great Again
MTP is and was a terrible idea to keep users out of the core OS files. I get the fact that there needs to be a dedicated section separate from the OS partition to store pictures videos and music but MTP just turns the device into a blackbox. because the protocol was developed by microsoft, fragmentation is encouraged and most vendors are wildly different in how they approach it. MTP-Tools and the libmtp project for linux contains releases that are largely workarounds and kludges for this.

Make android EXT4 with MTP enabled for windows connections. If the device is connected to a linux machine, maybe it should just assume the owner is intelligent enough to handle the raw filesystem partitions. if you want this access in windows, install cygwin.

Comment: TL;DR "Recruiters" Suck. (Score 3, Interesting) 253

Since practically every tech company, including the big 5, hire recruiters its difficult to imagine their in-house recruiting who are likely composed of staff that once held other recruiting jobs dont practice the 'blacklist' and 'poach' policies as well. This isnt about independent recruiting companies but the fallout from apple, google, and others is apparently enough to warrant some defensive posturing from Dice. Throwing unnamed 'amateur' recruiting companies under the bus is a service Dice appears to readily offer for good reason: large staffing and recruiting companies are dice's bread and butter. If the product, namely people applying through Dice, gets wind that recruiters secretly blacklist and use underhanded techniques, it might impact their bottom line. ending the "article" with an apathetic platitude "You May Never Know Why You Were Rejected" further serves to keep the cattle in their cars.

Comment: it was damned, regardless of reason. (Score 1) 353

by nimbius (#48309951) Attached to: Online Payment Firm Stripe Boots 3D Gun Designer Cody Wilson's Companies
Stripes list of banned partners is indeed prolific, and likely so to make it trivial to simply refuse transaction services to anyone or anything that might shake investor confidence in the service. Cody's project could have been canned for any other number of reasons, including 'high rish businesses' as the ATF or federal government could shut him down at a moments notice. 'Regulated products and services' is the real reason he was terminated as a user because while its perfectly legitimate to manufacture offer a product which manufactures a lower receiver, that receiver does not include a serial number and cody himself has expressly admitted this illegality to be a point of sale, ownership, and operation he himself champions. Stripe has a similar policy against drug paraphenalia, and it stands to reason that while a 'tobacoo pipe' does not itself break the law, smoking illegal substances out of it certainly does.

Im not condoning stripe, i think theyre a fly-by-night processing company that stands for profit, not users. Theyre no better than paypal but that having been said, Cody is a very controversial american citizen. for a corporation to treat him as such comes as no suprise in this foul era of our lord the 21st century in which senators like Liebermann can simply phone amazon and have sites such as wikileaks shuttered. Corporations like Verizon control their news site content and prohibit icky topics like net neutrality and government spying because controversy is polarizing and limits a products audience. Companies like Stripe in turn are also trying to be good 'corporate citizens' and not make waves as processing services because the most lucrative business a company can hope to achieve is the government.

Comment: the pirate bay is an excellent honeypot. (Score 2) 189

by nimbius (#48309605) Attached to: Pirate Bay Co-founder Arrested In Northeastern Thailand
The Pirate bay is well known, high profile, and a very receptive target for litigation. the founders likely know that arresting them, imprisoning them, and litigating them will have very little impact on torrent and file sharing sites as a whole. TPB is sufficiently clustered to avoid most politically induced outages, while full outages merely drive the support and creation of new sites and technologies to avoid future outages and tracking. Magnet links and SSL were a direct result of TPB users feeling insecure.

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