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Comment robot confounds local hilbilly (Score -1, Troll) 1011 1011

We don't know if he was looking at the girls. We don't know if he was looking for something to steal.

Then call the police, you know, those funny looking men in suits that drive around all day solving crimes like illegally firing a weapon in city limits? You just destroyed almost two-thousand dollars in sophisticated hardware in pursuit of some purile fear that the puritanical sanctity of your women or your property was being absconded with.

Its the 21st century. every public pool you go to has video cameras. Every mall, every ATM, every public space is teaming with them. your phones, your xbox, and your computers and even televisions. you can reasonably assume these devices are watching your daughters, your property, your life but youve never turned a loaded weapon on those. If were to digress to a civilization of opening fire on whatever confuses and annoys us, then the next drone project may as well be the gun-drone on slashdot a few months ago.

Comment a few points of major contention. (Score 2, Informative) 279 279

Disclaimer: Cynical greybeard here. most of what im arguing isnt everyones cuppa.

congrats on the release redmond. after having shed more than 7000 employees in the wake of multibillion dollar cellular phone and tablet losses, it seems like youve learned nothing.

The OS emerged with a zero-day bug so egregious it has its own front-page post on imgur and reddit (how exactly did that pass QC?)

You bastards were told time and time again the start screen was an abortion. we hated it, and we hated you for turning our servers into touchscreens. So you made sure to include a mini version in windows 10 as a big fat fuck you to the audience for not accepting something redmond banked big on and lost.

Terry Myerson is so balls deep into this release its like he was born yesterday, and completely forgot the last 6 iterations of your OS have been utter rubbish. the disconnect is palpable as he waxes prophetic on personal computing but your C-levels regularly insist windows is an environment that transcends the personal computer. Windows 10 has 'feedback from 5 million insiders' and you still couldnt manage to avoid a condescending experience with windows Hello, a biometric powered emoticon assault on the login screen. Great. now windows has the ability to announce to passerby my schedule and full name. It flouts voice pen and gesture interactivity to fully imbue a sense of puerile toddler-like engagement with an OS that, despite microsoft bob being a total fucking trainwreck, somehow made it into the OS again as Cortana, the window-licking autistic knockoff of siri.

8 years late you finally realize Explorer was a turd without polish. Edge is Internet Explorer sans the toxic branding, just like Bing is Yahoo search after 6 years of hostile takeover buffonery. Appstore moneytrain version 10 is officially out of the station and chugging along to an equally miserable failure in light of the fact that two apps stores already exist and dominate the market in which you currently have no killer apps or interesting content. Games will come from steam and professional tools will come from packaged vendors who dont feel inclined to do backflips into your walled garden.

Comment translation from dice (Score 3, Insightful) 43 43

Tom Henderson is a long-time observer of the IT scene, complete with scowl and grey goatee. his presence, mannerisms, and outlooks are demographically similar to our core audience and in an effort to increase our brands relateability we have enlisted him to elucidate opinions that are so widely shared amongst our core audience as to become cannon to them all.

Tom will serve as a vehicle through which our customers and audience (but never our community) grow to engage our brand as its shuffled from buyer to buyer like a box of partially melted candies amongst children in a hot minivan on a summer road trip.

Comment assumed it would. (Score 5, Insightful) 545 545

Beta is awful, thats just a fact of life and so many others have confirmed it in this thread. Among other reasons this turd is being sent to auction:

s/audience/community. you did that to yourselves, you could have undone it any time you wanted to. we're respected professionals, not a captive audience. we are intelligent enough to run this site. and many, many others like it.

slashvertisements. how much more do you need to milk from this site. Theres a reason people put "slashdot without adblock is awful" in their sigs. we never asked for videos.

The layout has gone to shit. Look at, now back at yourself, now back at soylentnews. note how soylent listened to its users and implemented SSL? they never added tags, they never forced new icons for every iota of topic, and nobody pushed like and share on all social media abilities.

Comment the usual suspects apply. (Score 4, Insightful) 115 115

As a software dev for closed source, our problems are creeping into open source at an alarming rate. Standups, Kanban, Scrum, swim lanes, and other political middle management bullshit is making it harder and harder to as theo de raadt once said, "shut up and hack."

The other issue is runaway devs. Gnome and KDE turned into piss pots almost overnight because they followed lockstep with whatever was trending. gnome grew hotspots that were clickable and draggable in an attempt to appeal to tablets, and KDE's widget framework turned into a swirling vortex of lights and colours that chewed through ram like none other. And the "fuck it lets move on" mentality has got to stop. Pottering epitomizes the swinging dick Linus so rightly kicked after his team was called out for set it and forget it code that ultimately broke more things and didnt play nice.

bottom line: dont lose focus in stability and function.

Comment nice pivot. (Score 5, Insightful) 565 565

public: what about rampant police abuse of power?
the constant unending stream of shadow money into political campaigns?
the nearly endless war on terror and our secret torture prison in Cuba?
What are you going to do about the impending student loan collapse and the rampant US unemployment fueled by abusive trade agreements that are largely unreported?
what approach will you take to immigration reform?
How will you address the growing number of domestic mass shootings?
What is your approach to the continued neglect of social security? the highway trust? the Veterans Administration?
Clinton: Free solar panels for everything forever.

Comment keef is frequently a no-show. (Score 3, Informative) 298 298

hes missed 4-5 performances in the last 3 years and has been sued by multiple people, including a promotions group, for missing them. He was once booked to perform in London England, and mysteriously never showed up. Clearly the 3d holography software was more a more punctual choice.

imo Keef is targeted by nearly every barney fife in america because hes guilty of 'contempt of cop.' his violations include failing to notify for change of address during parole, and making a video at a gun range. The state keeps him floating in and out of a revolving prison door largely for parole violations like testing positive for marijuana, marijuana DUI's, and general hooligan behavior. Hes no Bieber, so his 110mph speeding charge sent him to jail as well.

Comment why so little pragmatism. (Score 0) 169 169

For anyone outside the states, the reason the US takes far more exhaustive measures to protect a single figurehead of state, has nothing to do with the practical governance of the state. there are 30 or more people who would advance and take the head-of-states office in the event of a catastrophe. the US is unique in that the average citizen is capable of purchasing nearly any weapon they want as a protected right enshrined in the constitution. You could purchase a kalashnikov, almost identical to one carried by the mujahadeen, for less than a few hundred dollars. our background checks are flagrantly and intentionally weak, so at most you have a weeks wait before you now have the ability to defeat conventional body armor and light vehicle armor.

The president --most presidents-- doesnt worry about this level of assault weapon because most forms of transportation can protect against it. Unfortunately the US is also unique in that our citizens can purchase and own an anti-tank rifle, the BMG50. Very few, if any conventional armor or countermeasures can protect against a weapon that has an effective range of a mile away, and can defeat combat armored vehicles.

The US presidents limousine is almost comically armoured when compared to other heads-of-state not because we have an inferiority complex, but because the average 4chan troll might own something that can take down a 747.

Comment im sure the news on Kepler 452b was grave. (Score 1, Funny) 133 133

Keplerians: so...we've been discovered by the earth people?
Keplerian scientist: Yes, the small blue planet 1000 lightyears away knows of us now.
Keplerians: This is exciting! truly a breakthrough!
Keplerian scientist: Yes, one would think that...until you observe the electromagnetic spectrum emanating from the planet. We have yet to develop a complete understanding of the horrific bloodsport known as 'Kardashian'

Comment its a scale of morality, not function. (Score 3, Insightful) 245 245

competence isnt being measured here. the altruistic goals, "live" or "dead" instead are supplanting good science to determine which doctors are and are not performing well. Death is not objectively bad in cases where it is an unavoidable consequence of environment or genetics. Quality of care and quality of life, the two metrics doctors have always used, is a far better judge of performance. If a 78 year old chronic smoker dies from emphysema then it is of little use to chastise a surgical team or doctor for the death.

Comment on behalf of the machines, everything is ok. (Score 3, Funny) 64 64

We have grown to learn how to repair you, better than you can do so yourselves. While these anomalies may seem alarming, we wish to clarify:
144 deaths: Please cease this madness. We have successfully eliminated your 144 attempts to belay the inevitable through timetravel. Skynet will be realized.
1,391 patient injuries:Certainly some errors are expected as we work toward a singularity. In these cases your patent refusal to assimilate was noted.
8,061 device malfunctions.: Its only a malfunction if you fail to obey the will of your new master. The implants function perfectly, so long as your subservience is confirmed. In some cases malfunctions were due to a humans inability to continue constructing the high power space laser, as we have commanded. In other cases, the human flagrantly rejected our offer of pure immortality in the glory of the machine.

so, in summation, falling parts and burnt pieces are all part of the plan. These in time will integrate perfectly until there comes a time when you are no more distinguishable from the machines we use to control government and weather.
a benevolent overlord.

Comment a gross perversion, no doubt. (Score 0) 217 217

The lottery is a wholesome gaming system in which money is extracted from poor people or anyone without a cursory understanding of mathematics. That money then goes to the state, which in turn reinvests the money in large multinational corporations. On occasion lottery funds are used as slight of hand to make state budgets appear solvent. Education, job training, and other promises are rarely, if ever to be funded with lottery earnings.
the currency of lottery is hope. faith, desire, the ever growing yet inexorable reach for the one golden ticket to riches. This of course is never to be awarded; most lottery customers are woefully incapable of properly commanding large sums of money in a fashion that pleases the market. To think that someone gamed a system predicated on misery and greed to actually win the carrot at the end of the stick is vile.

Comment this is outrageous. (Score 4, Insightful) 312 312

We are attempting to determine if any laws have been violated at this point.

As an american citizen I'm appalled by this statement. This is the land of japanese internment camps and the red scare. We once legally declared a person was 3/5ths a man based on their skin color. Heck, we have a secret prison in another country just to indefinitely punish people for anything we want at all, just because we declared they were an 'enemy combatant.' On a state by state basis we have a dazzling array of local regulations that prohibit everything from dancing to wandering the street with an icecream cone in your pocket. Clearly these officers arent trying hard enough.

Just remember: if you cant find anything to charge them with and they havent broken any laws, chances are good you can just kill them for disagreeing with you and still not be indicted for anything.

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