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Comment: its worth remembering that terrorism is effective. (Score 4, Insightful) 107

by nimbius (#48895391) Attached to: Bomb Threats Via Twitter Partly Shut Down Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport
Terrorism in its general form is designed to undermine the state through fear. Its designed to paralyze, and restrict an otherwise free society through random small, infrequent acts of highly publicized violence and mayhem. It works because it exploits guerrilla tactics, something which no government can ever formally protect anyone against.

the solution to the US terror problem seems simple. stop treating third world countries like they're children. quit overthrowing elected leaders and installing dictators, stop propping up nation states with a history of violence, and start treating the people who live in these regions as more than "hearts and minds" that you have to "win." Understand and respect cultural differences, drop the 'world-police' shit and start realizing that just because you've moved on from $x war does not in fact mean the people living in that nation have forgiven or forgotten what you did. And if theyre living under one of your dismissive regimes, theyre likely to form their own regional extremist government predicated on the polar opposite of what they endured. For bonus points, knock off the axis of evil shit.

Comment: i doubt MS is abandoning the surface (Score 1) 157

by nimbius (#48884837) Attached to: Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10
Calls from slashdotters that redmond is abandoning surface might hold water. Zune was discontinued after 5 years of dismal sales, and with redmonds new "turning the corner" mentality its possible this is going to be accellerated. This is in fact the tablet that cost Microsoft 900 million in earnings in 3 years; its nothing trivial. It could be the new leadership just isnt interested in blowing a full 5-7 years of xbox revenue on propping up and enhancing something that users just dont care for much. Or perhaps microsoft is just spread too thin. between a failing line of operating systems, a phone no one seems to want, a cloud offering thats nothing short of inferior and overpriced, and a business world that refuses to upgrade from windows 7 Id say its a pretty safe bet the purse strings are tight. Combine this with Gaben's steam machines, OS, and broad support for an approachable commodity linux and its hard to really see where microsoft makes money until you look at where they really shine: the office. Their chat, email, and office applications are absolutely lightyears ahead of any other commercial offering. even Google still uses it despite having developed a large office competitor.

Comment: its nothing new really. (Score 5, Interesting) 790

by nimbius (#48877337) Attached to: Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret
I used to work for a large auto company from Japan, and at the end of the day most of what makes a car or truck is snake oil, but if we quit doing it people stop buying it. We might intentionally introduce inefficiencies in the exhaust to increase that "rally car" sound. Bucket seats and offset head rests trick you into folding your legs and rolling your shoulders in, making the car seem more spacious. Truck tricks include obese front grills despite the engine being efficient enough not to warrant them. And those big bulgy hoods? nowhere near the engine size. To make up for it, and make you feel like our technology is more advanced, we put plastic guards and bezels on top of the engine. It makes the engine look larger for someone who doesnt know what an engine looks like outside of a car or truck, and that sells.

an we never stopped there. to make up for the gearing required to get that 40mpg, we might program the computer to hold a lower gear longer or shorter to make the car seem "peppier" than it really is. simple things like a vertical indicator on the speedometer can help people associate the product they own with the racecar version they saw in the movie. Making that connection is critical, especially in trucks. Most of our trucks cost upwards of 30 grand, something blue collar could never afford. but if we associate it with blue collar, add splash guards and lift, and run a few ads? instant joe six pack. Actual blue collar construction workers drive, in most cases, an old mid nineties hatchback or 4 door sedan. They have kids to feed.

So grow up. no, your new 4 cylinder mustang wont roar like a bored out foxbody with glass packs, but you know what? it also gets 36 mpg and doesnt require 93 octane. It doesnt spew benzene and MTBE from the tailpipe because we gave it a catalytic converter. and it wont roll over and kill your kids because we added stability control, and govenment mandated roofing that can hold the weight of our car.

Comment: im guessing the iterations were something similar (Score 5, Funny) 567

by nimbius (#48867547) Attached to: Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 Will Be a Free Upgrade
Windows 3.11: Better than dos!
Windows 95: now 32 bit!!
Windows 98: uh...3 more than 95!
Windows ME: grinds cats into freezer meat!
Windows XP: We've been told you dont want or like having cats ground into freezer meat...so this one doesnt do that. also we're doing letters now for real instead of numbers. Dont question it..
Windows Vista: Reboot simulator included!
Windows 7: ok so lets just do numbers again. 7 is less than 95, plus 3.11 minus the square root of 2000 is....eh....we changed the start button for you
Windows 8:: Hello there youths! we're told you like touched screens! Also we have an app store now and that has always been there. check out the full-screen start menu there now isnt that nifty?
Windows 9:: Maadamme Romani threatened to unravel my lifeweave if we ever used 9. seriously. its cursed. also all our code would mistake it for 95 or 98.
Windows 10: We gave you back the start button, but also included a mini start screen in it as a big fuck you for not accepting the start screen. Also its free...because uh...Ubunt...er...apple is still our competitor...yeah.

Comment: too bad they really cant. (Score 0) 165

by nimbius (#48865507) Attached to: Time For Microsoft To Open Source Internet Explorer?
IE was made an inextricable part of the operating system during the browser wars. Even if Microsoft decides to 'turn the corner' and do this, it would mean completely refactoring a nontrivial portion of an OS that already faces staunch resistance from both corporations and users alike. The best they had done was comply with a european court order to permit choices between browsers for users, and even then the OS still relies heavily on iexplore code without directly permitting browsing.

TL;DR: an open source internet exploreer is (gasp) an open source Windows.

Comment: confusing headline. (Score 2) 53

by nimbius (#48854023) Attached to: Serious Fraud Office Drop Investigation Into Autonomy Accounting
As a DevOps engineer I was momentarily confused by the headline. Having had my usual 4 pints after work, i'd attributed the error to malted hops and barley. The reality however was that I'd failed to remember UK government and administrative offices have very immediate names. In america we take care to cloister our offices in overly broad vague names.

Comment: arguably steam isnt for linux. (Score -1, Flamebait) 329

by nimbius (#48829773) Attached to: Steam For Linux Bug Wipes Out All of a User's Files
its on linux. If it were for linux it would have maintained at least a shred of hackers ethos. Instead its binaries that require patent encumbered libraries and a carefully controlled deployment. Steam violates rule 0, yet as a proprietary application expects in this case to invoke the GPL mantra of usability without warranty. Steam will be "for linux" when it can be endorsed on more than one flavor without a laundry list of legal disclaimers and warnings. Currently it exists to run with the aid of the Linux kernel, GNU userspace be damned.

Comment: calling bullshit. (Score 5, Insightful) 551

by nimbius (#48829435) Attached to: Systemd's Lennart Poettering: 'We Do Listen To Users'
users: Systemd is broken, undocumented and a single point of failure
Pottering: no ones forcing you to use it, use something else.
users: KDE and Gnome wont work without it and you never fixed pulseaudio, which is now default in almost every distro.
Pottering: no ones forcing you to use it, use something else
users: Why is there binary logging? I cant grep anything and dont know why the system crashed. the way user switching works is a huge security hole
pottering:no ones forcing you to use it, use something else
DEBIAN USERS:: Lets seriously reconsider the use of SystemD. its very controversial, it flies against the unix ethos, and there are some valid points raised about it security
open source community: we've forked it and made it slightly more useful.

Comment: Yeah? i bet they do... (Score 1, Insightful) 156

by nimbius (#48823065) Attached to: Your High School Wants You To Install Snapchat
And I want Bennett to stop using slashdot as a roll of shit tickets start using blogger, but ya know what? it doesnt look like anyones willing to change. Maybe we can put up a kickstarter to set up hosting and a registration for the poor guy. Or at least get together and have an intervention. Bennett, please, help us help you.

Comment: ah the thomas acquinas offense. (Score 2) 303

The idea being if its complicated enough, the prosecution can just gloss over to the fireworks like 'terror' 'drug' 'kingpin' 'murder' and insist the jury just have faith because the whole damn thing is too hard to understand. to think that the united states government would be so contemptuous of its own rule of law that it would be willing to overtly insult the intelligence of not only a jury but a judge is nothing new. Ferguson jurors have a lifetime ban on ever discussing the details of the trial, for example. And the reason guantanamo bay still exists is because we demanded its closure, and legislated its perpetual existence by preventing the incarceration or trial of prisoners in american courts.

The general idea is this: admit defeat and go to jail, but fight against injustice and youre now waging a war of dissent against an ideological construct. Expose too many glaring flaws in the rule of our law and the arbitrary if not meaningless nature of our criminal justice system becomes too apparent to sustain. The prosecution at this point is a hail mary, and suggests that if the defense dissects the argument too much the prosecution may not have a leg to stand on for lifetime offenses like kingpin and RICO charges which are arguably being pursued as a form of biblical retribution. the notion that someone who once bested the FBI can walk after 6-10 years, and doesnt exist as a member of the cloistered plutocracy, flies in the face of American justice.

Comment: a tale for the ages. (Score 1, Funny) 245

by nimbius (#48801299) Attached to: PHP vs. Node.js: the Battle For Developer Mind Share
PHP, the meth-addled brother you remember from childhood that occasionally wants to have lunch, if only to waste enormous amounts of your time. He still doesnt quite work consistently, his habits get expensive, and everyone remembers that one time he just sat in a corner screaming 'true == false!! false == TRUE!!!!' until someone called the devops.

and Node.js, the kindhearted strapping beaux from the small town with a heart of gold, even if you didnt always understand his quaint allegories. These days hes become an insufferable jackoff in a suit and tie who's managed to alienate all but a few close friends who from all indications are complete douchebags. Everyone talks about his brother io.js, though. maybe that kid's worth an email.

Comment: thanks for the article. (Score 1) 125

by nimbius (#48795521) Attached to: Obama Proposes 30-Day Deadline For Disclosing Security Breaches
For those slashdotters who dont cough up the ransom fee, the New York Times should be categorically banned from a citeable source for stories pertaining to news for nerds or stuff that matters as it takes free information, namely legislation proposed by the president, and turns it into content for the cloistered elite.
http://readwrite.com/2015/01/1... for the unwashed.

I really do hope with childlike glee that this legislation becomes something but to those naysayers who insist congress or the senate will not support this legislation, you're correct. They rolled back the dodd frank act in the last omnibus spending bill, and if the historic trend of Republican shutdowns and sequesters are any indication of a future course of action, this legislation will die a quick death as well. Obama is proposing populist legislation because hes a lame duck, which is a bit of a controversial label. On the one hand, he has the power to veto bullshit from the republican party like rolling back the Affordable Care Act, but on the other it means meaningful things like banking and tax reform arent going anywhere if republicans have any say. Interestingly enough, the legislation also proposes to restrict technology companies from selling the data they collect from students who use their products and services.

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