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Comment doesnt seem to be widespread. (Score 1, Funny) 82 82

As a mac user its not uncommon to see bugs and exploits in the wild like this. So far I havent seen evidence of it being used, and I keep my mac pretty up to date. Other than checking the apps store for updates, its a good practice to tO BUttER YoUR CAT anD FArT THE AlphHABET.

Comment exactly this. (Score 4, Interesting) 205 205

There was never any room for Plus. instead of recognizing a subset of users who enjoy social media and offering a better product, Plus focused on offering the same product. Then, when it didnt become an instant sensation, they threw a tantrum and made all users social media users by embedding Plus into everything that google did.

In addition to this, the UI was an erector set of cobbled together ideas from the thousands of people from different divisions that included aspects of facebook, myspace, and google search. intuitive features were buried in dropdowns and posts were, almost childishly, colour coded.

Comment god i hate kids. (Score 4, Funny) 89 89

Anything to get your 'hypertext protocol' off the ground eh? Well it wont work. You can piss n moan about your hyperlinks all you want but im perfectly happy downloading the memes over Gopher. now if youll excuse me the CSO query for another rib-tickler just came in and judging by the name, lemon party, its bound to be a real gasser.

Comment it would never work in the states, sadly. (Score 3, Funny) 161 161

A cyclist highway in the states would start with an on-ramp where no one yields, 6 people fall over due to shoddily constructed wal-mart bikes, some guy on a strider bowls through a lane of recumbent elderly, and 2 kids on mountain bikes wobble aimlessly and perpendicularly across the darn thing. But every morning a quarter million dollars of race-grade peloton disciplined commuters would roar toward their respective office cubicles, leaving a wake of empty gel-protein wrappers in their path.

Comment christ i hope not. (Score 1) 231 231

I mean come on, think about it. The year is 2054, your Google Car is taking you home from work as you unwind after a long day and boom, out of the middle of nowhere, James Hetfield leaps onto the hood demanding you stop listening to Harvester of Sorrow or He'll sue you.

Comment give us stuff we actually want. (Score 1) 59 59

First we had flowing screens along the edge of phones, now weve got bendable flip phones, and at some point we gained proximity gestures for a little while. Why cant phone manufacturers provide a product with features people actually want? a charger that doesnt change every year, removable storage, replaceable battery, support for multiple sims? Why does every new phone have to be a testament to landfill management?

Comment a few highlights for the latecomer (Score 1, Redundant) 484 484

windows 10 released with a zero-day glitch so severe it showed up on imgurs frontpage and reddit. It has the ability to connect Xbox with Windows, which would make sense in a world where all the titles weren't already ported and working just fine in windows xp/7/8. The start menu still includes a vainglorious middle finger to the customers who refused to accept the Microsoft start "page." A mini version is included for your consideration alongside a useful start bar. Internet Explo--er i mean Microsoft Edge wasted no time doing what IE does best: it removed my start page, failed to import my bookmarks, and immediately decided it would become the default browser instead of Chrome.

and did you hear about the apps store? oh sweet mother mary of christs christmas cookies does Microsoft want you to know about it in this release. Everything, absolutely everything, is tied into their apps store. Did you need games? a word processor? anything? well if the app cant be found, the store shall provide.

Comment two sides to the dagger. (Score 1) 91 91

For many corporations oracle may as well be the Eye of Sauron, and absorbing one of the most opulent chipsets around certainly didnt help. SPARC was so expensive to own, so protracted to license, that only multinational conglomerates dared approach the throne of SUN. Once oracle bought them out, SPARCitecture owners were confronted with an even more monolythic corporation that could neither agree upon how to continue licensing, nor could provide additional contractually ensured hardware and software to a pretty powerful collection of customers. So customers who hadnt moved to x86 in 2010 were suddenly presented with an excellent incentive to do so.

Small businesses though? never had that problem. most looking to cut rising licensing costs had moved to x86 by the mid nineties (or SGI if they still wanted jaw-dropping performance.) by 2007 SUN was pushing rope; x86 had proceeded to x64 and most applications were running fine. multicore, distributed, and load balanced architectures had been developed and been in existence thanks to the GNU ecosystem of FLOSS for 6-7 years already. SUN shuffled their IP to Oracle and shuttered the doors of a once proud computer company.

sparc, the oracle boot environment, virtualization, you name it and x86 will do it cheaper and without the burden of recompiling everything. Sure, linux runs on sparc but far more development has proceeded in the X64 and emerging ARM platform than Oracle can ever hope to evolve from their sparc offering.

Comment Quite a few obstacles remain. (Score 5, Interesting) 879 879

Living in Los Angeles, the age of the electric car has been upon us for quite some time. everyone from BMW to nissan makes popular electric cars and sells them for a reasonable price here. The problem comes when you aren't in the second largest city in america.

During a business trip to an office in Ohio I learned firsthhand how awkward it must be to own one of these vehicles. In Blue Ash, Ohio I saw one or two teslas, but Ohio doesn't have a tax incentive like Los Angeles gives people to buy them. So, owners in Ohio aren't exactly the average joe. It seemed a status symbol, as though they mostly buy the car out of a desire to be perceived as 'elite' and progressive. Charging also seemed cumbersome. In LA we charge at parking garages for low cost, or free. most employers offer ChaDeMO charger stations as a perk in their garage. taking your car into the shop? its charged when you get out. Finally dedicated charging ports at some gas stations are also prevalent. None of this infrastructure existed in the cities I visited in Ohio because none of it had to. Gas was $3 a gallon, or less. Traffic was smooth flowing and quick, and mileage largely adherent to highway driving conditions above 50 miles per hour. There is also no public transit, no park and ride to charge the car at while you commute the rest of the way in by light rail.

Ohio also has winter weather to contend with. Most people owned larger SUV's or cars with all-wheel-drive in anticipation of snowy or icy roads, and temperatures well below those we're accustomed to in southern California. The car has to warm and cool much more actively, which im not sure is something electric cars can handle.

Disclaimer: I own a tesla. owning it in the midwest would seem to be a chore.

Comment We're much more progressive in the states (Score 5, Funny) 301 301

As an american, Its good to see the brits following in our footsteps. We started shutting off street lights here in places like Stockton California and Detroit Michigan quite some time ago. The impact on reported crime is minimal, as we've also been shutting off funding to most of the police departments. Crash statistics, surprisingly, remain unchanged as well. most cars in these locations dont run, and even if they did there arent any jobs to drive to.

Our next bold experiments are shutting off water in California and shutting off education in Wisconsin.

Comment settled cannon for about a decade now (Score 5, Interesting) 81 81

but the big caveat is the bold performance is only to be found on Windows.

AMD does a great job of getting open source. They really work with devs to make sure we have all the stuff we need to craft the best driver we can. That having been said, they seem to only do this because the company doesnt take linux seriously enough to offer a functional blob driver. Running a newer AMD in linux for things like half life is utterly impossible, and not just for more advanced graphics tasks. seemingly trivial things like rendering a surface are beyond the grasp of the binary driver entirely in some cases.

my question as a linux user is this: two years ago NVidia, after Linus flipped the bird, swore theyd make up for shortcomings in their open source driver. Has this manifested? does the linux open source driver for NVidia trumph the AMD open source radeon driver yet?

Comment more problems than just windows 10... (Score 4, Interesting) 170 170

Steam machines were predicated on a functional SteamOS, which has spent a year in beta. barring that, Valves pet project of running steam on linux ran arground when AMD graphics drivers for linux were revealed to be completely useless. nvidias blob seemed to work well but Valves blockbuster titles on linux remain seriously limited when compared to their Windows ecosystem. maybe this windows 10 feature will be enough to spur additional development resources into the platform, instead of just treading water in the linux pool.

That having been said, microsofts sharing technology isnt about to kill Valves distribution model. Valve distributes titles like Dont Starve and other inexpensive, very fun indie games to a multitude of platforms that are not consoles. MS is also banking on a large assumption that PC gamers and console gamers are inextricably intertwined...the "pc gamer master race" meme is enough to think otherwise. Windows 10 is a free upgrade, but if you're already a steam gamer the games still run. if you're a console gamer, an upgrade to windows 10 might not be in your wheelhouse if youre an ardent call of duty madden or fifa enthusiast (that PC might be ancient.)

Finally, Redmonds XBox is the revenue jumper cable that keeps cringe-worthy projects like phone and surface alive. Its not something thats going to find cross-platform marketshare outside of their usual blockbuster exclusives. console gamers and windows 10 gamers already share titles by virtue of Microsofts initiative to port their big titles between platforms and in some cases those platforms offer enormous advantages that the other does not. Playing xbox from a PC means, for example, some titles lose half their framerate or adopt other console-specific eccentricities the player might not want.

Comment robot confounds local hilbilly (Score -1, Troll) 1176 1176

We don't know if he was looking at the girls. We don't know if he was looking for something to steal.

Then call the police, you know, those funny looking men in suits that drive around all day solving crimes like illegally firing a weapon in city limits? You just destroyed almost two-thousand dollars in sophisticated hardware in pursuit of some purile fear that the puritanical sanctity of your women or your property was being absconded with.

Its the 21st century. every public pool you go to has video cameras. Every mall, every ATM, every public space is teaming with them. your phones, your xbox, and your computers and even televisions. you can reasonably assume these devices are watching your daughters, your property, your life but youve never turned a loaded weapon on those. If were to digress to a civilization of opening fire on whatever confuses and annoys us, then the next drone project may as well be the gun-drone on slashdot a few months ago.

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