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Comment nice pivot. (Score 5, Insightful) 508 508

public: what about rampant police abuse of power?
the constant unending stream of shadow money into political campaigns?
the nearly endless war on terror and our secret torture prison in Cuba?
What are you going to do about the impending student loan collapse and the rampant US unemployment fueled by abusive trade agreements that are largely unreported?
what approach will you take to immigration reform?
How will you address the growing number of domestic mass shootings?
What is your approach to the continued neglect of social security? the highway trust? the Veterans Administration?
Clinton: Free solar panels for everything forever.

Comment keef is frequently a no-show. (Score 3, Informative) 261 261

hes missed 4-5 performances in the last 3 years and has been sued by multiple people, including a promotions group, for missing them. He was once booked to perform in London England, and mysteriously never showed up. Clearly the 3d holography software was more a more punctual choice.

imo Keef is targeted by nearly every barney fife in america because hes guilty of 'contempt of cop.' his violations include failing to notify for change of address during parole, and making a video at a gun range. The state keeps him floating in and out of a revolving prison door largely for parole violations like testing positive for marijuana, marijuana DUI's, and general hooligan behavior. Hes no Bieber, so his 110mph speeding charge sent him to jail as well.

Comment why so little pragmatism. (Score 0) 169 169

For anyone outside the states, the reason the US takes far more exhaustive measures to protect a single figurehead of state, has nothing to do with the practical governance of the state. there are 30 or more people who would advance and take the head-of-states office in the event of a catastrophe. the US is unique in that the average citizen is capable of purchasing nearly any weapon they want as a protected right enshrined in the constitution. You could purchase a kalashnikov, almost identical to one carried by the mujahadeen, for less than a few hundred dollars. our background checks are flagrantly and intentionally weak, so at most you have a weeks wait before you now have the ability to defeat conventional body armor and light vehicle armor.

The president --most presidents-- doesnt worry about this level of assault weapon because most forms of transportation can protect against it. Unfortunately the US is also unique in that our citizens can purchase and own an anti-tank rifle, the BMG50. Very few, if any conventional armor or countermeasures can protect against a weapon that has an effective range of a mile away, and can defeat combat armored vehicles.

The US presidents limousine is almost comically armoured when compared to other heads-of-state not because we have an inferiority complex, but because the average 4chan troll might own something that can take down a 747.

Comment im sure the news on Kepler 452b was grave. (Score 1, Funny) 133 133

Keplerians: so...we've been discovered by the earth people?
Keplerian scientist: Yes, the small blue planet 1000 lightyears away knows of us now.
Keplerians: This is exciting! truly a breakthrough!
Keplerian scientist: Yes, one would think that...until you observe the electromagnetic spectrum emanating from the planet. We have yet to develop a complete understanding of the horrific bloodsport known as 'Kardashian'

Comment its a scale of morality, not function. (Score 3, Insightful) 245 245

competence isnt being measured here. the altruistic goals, "live" or "dead" instead are supplanting good science to determine which doctors are and are not performing well. Death is not objectively bad in cases where it is an unavoidable consequence of environment or genetics. Quality of care and quality of life, the two metrics doctors have always used, is a far better judge of performance. If a 78 year old chronic smoker dies from emphysema then it is of little use to chastise a surgical team or doctor for the death.

Comment on behalf of the machines, everything is ok. (Score 3, Funny) 64 64

We have grown to learn how to repair you, better than you can do so yourselves. While these anomalies may seem alarming, we wish to clarify:
144 deaths: Please cease this madness. We have successfully eliminated your 144 attempts to belay the inevitable through timetravel. Skynet will be realized.
1,391 patient injuries:Certainly some errors are expected as we work toward a singularity. In these cases your patent refusal to assimilate was noted.
8,061 device malfunctions.: Its only a malfunction if you fail to obey the will of your new master. The implants function perfectly, so long as your subservience is confirmed. In some cases malfunctions were due to a humans inability to continue constructing the high power space laser, as we have commanded. In other cases, the human flagrantly rejected our offer of pure immortality in the glory of the machine.

so, in summation, falling parts and burnt pieces are all part of the plan. These in time will integrate perfectly until there comes a time when you are no more distinguishable from the machines we use to control government and weather.
a benevolent overlord.

Comment a gross perversion, no doubt. (Score 0) 217 217

The lottery is a wholesome gaming system in which money is extracted from poor people or anyone without a cursory understanding of mathematics. That money then goes to the state, which in turn reinvests the money in large multinational corporations. On occasion lottery funds are used as slight of hand to make state budgets appear solvent. Education, job training, and other promises are rarely, if ever to be funded with lottery earnings.
the currency of lottery is hope. faith, desire, the ever growing yet inexorable reach for the one golden ticket to riches. This of course is never to be awarded; most lottery customers are woefully incapable of properly commanding large sums of money in a fashion that pleases the market. To think that someone gamed a system predicated on misery and greed to actually win the carrot at the end of the stick is vile.

Comment this is outrageous. (Score 4, Insightful) 310 310

We are attempting to determine if any laws have been violated at this point.

As an american citizen I'm appalled by this statement. This is the land of japanese internment camps and the red scare. We once legally declared a person was 3/5ths a man based on their skin color. Heck, we have a secret prison in another country just to indefinitely punish people for anything we want at all, just because we declared they were an 'enemy combatant.' On a state by state basis we have a dazzling array of local regulations that prohibit everything from dancing to wandering the street with an icecream cone in your pocket. Clearly these officers arent trying hard enough.

Just remember: if you cant find anything to charge them with and they havent broken any laws, chances are good you can just kill them for disagreeing with you and still not be indicted for anything.

Comment im sure the meeting was interesting (Score 4, Funny) 132 132

MSPHB jesus we just lost 7 billion on a phone. no one wants our tablet. everyone hates our cloud. we need to release something quick or im out of a job. Whatcha got dev?
dev: another windows is sure--
MSPHB: can it. Everyones up in arms about mandatory updates and the spying it does. whats next.
dev: XBox reports call of madden 19 band of halo brothers is ready to ship! truly--
MSPHB truly some stoner will appreciate it. i need something NEW. something with WOW.
dev: well...uh....
MSPHB what the hell is on your that...we dont have a visual studio 2015....
dev: so, yeah, its mostly just something we use here, in house. kind of a joke, kind of for realsies...its--
MSPHB: got it, good. Stick the word devops on it, mark it up 60% from last release and throw some words out of the buzzbook on the box.

Comment depends on the projects objectives. (Score 1) 318 318

Caveat: this is mainly a Linux recommendation. ymmv with windows (may kill the cat, sour the milk, unravel a sweater.)

If you're running Fedora, or other bleeding-edge releases you might want to dial back the constant updating in favour of stability. New releases are often accompanied by unexpected instability and new bugs, in favour of additional features. If your project has a heavy focus on developers and not stability, problems updating to the latest version of a package can be compounded by issues like circular dependencies and missing libraries. Gentoo overlays, for example, are legendary in their varying degrees of skullduggery.

im not sure id ever recommend carte blanche nightly updates, but im an old neckbeard that takes far too much pleasure in the arcane nonsense of system administration. Tune into your project/distro's mailing lists for the latest info, just like you might tune into the weather channel. Did the opsec mailing list just issue security warnings for your distro? which packages do you use? updating them might be a good idea. set aside a time at the end of the week, or month, where you have a good hour away from other distractions to roll up the latest updates for other noncritical things on the OS. editors, music players, and the like can come when you, the sysadmin, are ready.

Finally, and rolling-release distros can tune out for this part, you want to be pretty careful about major updates. Did a new release come out? is it a major or a minor? what are the differences between those for your distribution? check the forums and IRC to see whos updates so far and what their experience was like. Some may recommend in-place updates, others may recommend a more unix-like backup-and-restore if the package or ports manager is known to be flakey. you dont have to pour through every iota of the release notes but its your perogative to know what changed, why it changed, and what it means for the way you use your computer.

lastly, dont sweat it. keeping current with security patches is a best practice we all appreciate on the internet, but I know plenty of people who never upgraded their djbdns installs and lived long enough to scold me about >512b DNS answers.

Comment maybe theres no market to be had (Score 4, Interesting) 213 213

As a developer I hear people complain the watch does everything the phone is already used for, and that aside from aesthetic perfection of Yet Another Apple Device on ones person, there are a half-dozen android competitors that are easier to code for and arent tethered to apples comparatively draconian app store. Have other devs written anything interesting for it?

Comment sounds like a winning plan (Score 5, Funny) 446 446

"shut down your predatory sites or we will forcibly liberate 37 million victims of either abusive, dead end, loveless, or empty relationships and leave them to reconcile the adult responsibilities of integrity, trust, and honesty while potentially fostering an atmosphere of open discourse on the nature of marriage, divorce, alimony, custody, and child support."

Comment except the IAEA is still a thing. (Score 3, Insightful) 79 79

monitoring irans nuclear project has already been done, full stop. the only countries clammouring about the lies and deceit of the Iranian program and is utter affront to mankind are Israel and the United States. the IAEAE reports are impartial, international, and widely regarded to have the final say that Iran is not in fact developing a nuclear weapon. But for the US this doesnt matter because internationally accepted standards of monitoring and regulatory observation do not apply to it. Israel objects to a nuclear program on any level as it represents energy independence and, this is key, the ability to emerge as a regional superpower capable of selling resources to neighbouring allies. Presently Oil is the currency to which most middle east nations operate, but if Iran emerged to provide clean nuclear power it would result in many nations being able to not only free up their own oil dependencies by purchasing the resource, but lend them more power against western interests through their increased autonomy. Iran itself would find relief from perpetual sanctions by the US and allies, and in doing so cement its already rising status as a regional power player.

for the hawks, its also worth noting that Iran has already enriched to 'bombmaking' levels, and never once pursued the weapon. They did this after numerous assassinations of scientists by Israeli mossad, and a cyberattack by western security agencies. Iran is inflammatory, declaring the destruction of zionism (a form of government thats led to the palestinian apartheid, not the underlying religion of judaism) but so to is the US in calling for bombings of iran, iraq, and numerous proxy war states in the past.

finally, the reason the US wants a deal is because its ability to project power and stability in the region has been delt a crippling blow after iraq and afghanistan, a domestic housing crisis and market collapse. the US understands that, deal or not, Iran will very soon have the ability to take a far more decisive role in domestic and regional politics than Washington can effectively control. the coup-and-replace shuffle doesnt work in south america anymore, as it increasingly doesnt work in the middle east. Think of this as baby steps toward a reconcilliation. The united states has a choice: partner with regional power centers or bleed itself dry for 50 more years protecting an apartheid state and an inconsequential amount of crude oil.

Comment the low markers arent all deserving. (Score 0, Troll) 236 236

Chappie: christ this film. its johnny five with about half the direction. Its hard to imagine it came from the same guy who did District 9 but Chappie has almost nothing to do with the robot. Maybe it doesnt work well with american audiences? the whole thing should be renamed "Die Antwoord fucked the director and now he owes her a film role."
Blade Runner: more about making the audience question the authenticity of the human experience than about direct and accurate AI. it leaves the audience searching to define and assess the human condition and the idea of self.
A.I.: another Steven Spielburg sobfest. the usual ingredients: abandoned child + sad plot = revenue. Steve had to gloss over quite a number of really limiting factors of AI and computing in general to spin this turd. the ending is an insult to the audience intelligence, and made me walk out of the theater.

"Summit meetings tend to be like panda matings. The expectations are always high, and the results usually disappointing." -- Robert Orben