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really slashdot?  Wednesday April 16, 2014 @11:01AM 4 2
   attached to Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment
another useless patent.  Wednesday April 16, 2014 @10:49AM 1 1
   attached to Bill Gates Patents Detecting, Responding To "Glassholes"
china has smog, so its clearly chinas fault.  Wednesday April 16, 2014 @08:58AM 10 -1, Flamebait
   attached to Pollution In China Could Be Driving Freak Weather In US
you want school shootings?  Wednesday April 16, 2014 @08:47AM 6 5, Insightful
   attached to Student Records Kids Who Bully Him, Then Gets Threatened With Wiretapping Charge
the pink elephant in the room: capitalism.  Tuesday April 15, 2014 @11:59AM 2 4, Insightful
   attached to Netflix Gets What It Pays For: Comcast Streaming Speeds Skyrocket
base it around my OS  Tuesday April 15, 2014 @10:56AM 8 4, Interesting
   attached to Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?
you start around windows.  Thursday April 10, 2014 @02:00PM 2 4
   attached to Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?
the big question is why do we care?  Thursday April 10, 2014 @11:06AM 1 2
   attached to Cuba: US Using New Weapon Against Us -- Spam
To clarify, we need to quit SF Bashing.  Tuesday April 08, 2014 @12:59PM 1 2
   attached to Smart Car Tipping Trending In San Francisco
its a bit of an exaggeration.  Tuesday April 08, 2014 @11:27AM  2
   attached to German Wikipedia Has Problems With Paid Editing — and Threats of Violence
looks like someones relevant again.  Tuesday April 08, 2014 @10:56AM 4 5, Insightful
   attached to Evidence Aside, FBI Says Russians Out To Steal Ideas From US Tech Firms
solution: busses.  Friday April 04, 2014 @12:03PM 2 2
   attached to Algorithm Challenge: Burning Man Vehicle Exodus
oh, you think sigint is your ally.  *Friday March 21, 2014 @10:23AM  5, Funny
   attached to Inside NSA's Efforts To Hunt Sysadmins
do you just not pay attention?  *Monday March 10, 2014 @06:32AM  2
   attached to Ice Age Fossils Found During Los Angeles Subway Exploration
whats up with the songs?  *Wednesday March 05, 2014 @12:55PM  2
   attached to Interview: Ask Theo de Raadt What You Will
for the love of god stop using wallets.  *Tuesday March 04, 2014 @12:08PM  2
   attached to Bitcoin Exchange Flexcoin Wiped Out By Theft
perhaps some clarification  *Tuesday March 04, 2014 @11:58AM 1 2
   attached to Facebook Wants Drones To Connect the Developing World
this is not the future.  *Monday March 03, 2014 @09:20PM 1 2
   attached to Walmart Unveils Turbine-Powered WAVE Concept Truck
in other news  *Friday February 28, 2014 @12:22PM 3 2
   attached to Using Handheld Phone GPS While Driving Is Legal In California
surely someones considered this.  *Tuesday February 25, 2014 @10:13AM 6 3, Interesting
   attached to Mt. Gox Gone? Apparent Theft Shakes Bitcoin World
none of this will of course work.  *Tuesday February 25, 2014 @10:02AM  4, Insightful
   attached to NSA and GHCQ Employing Shills To Poison Web Forum Discourse
because ceos arent paid for their work.  *Thursday February 20, 2014 @01:41PM 1 3
   attached to Are Bankers Paid Too Much? Are Technology CEOs?
some serious assumptions are being made.  *Thursday February 20, 2014 @11:32AM  2
   attached to With 'Virgin' Developers, Microsoft Could Fork Android
delayed gratification was the original model.  *Monday February 03, 2014 @11:13AM 4 5, Insightful
   attached to James Dyson: We Should Pay Students To Study Engineering

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