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MS didn't fork because they wanted to make their desktop users (95% market share) *naturally* get used to and then gravitate to the windows mobile market (2% share). Windows mobile lacked apps and app developers. So they wanted to capitalize on their existing windows desktop app's and app developers by making them develop for the common windows 8 platform. As Ballmer said, Windows 8 is a big risk for MS. The risk that the mobile market may instead drag the desktop market share in its direction. Reducing the desktop market to ~2%.

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Wow!! All the standard Windows CLI tools are there? I cannot believe it! Now that's pretty impressive!! It makes me won't to go right now and buy a Surface 2. And its only priced at $449? That's a steal. And what's more? It comes from the trusted good old company, Microsoft.
Who wouldn't want to buy the new surface 2 or the surface 2 pro? I would jump for it. What's more? Order your surface 2 Or the surface 2 pro NOW and we will throw in a special edition Microsoft Office Live pack for free, along with a copy of the worlds favorite text editing program, the Notepad and many more nifty freebees including the famous 'xbill' game. Hurry now!!! Call 1-800-M$-SOFT.

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by nikkipolya (#44932153) Attached to: Utility Sets IT Department On Path To Self-destruction

What you describe happens if the company in question is a monopoly. It won't happen if the market has a Perfect Competition or even in an Oligopoly for that matter. In such cases the incidence of bad decisions is borne squarely by the share-holders. Like Nokia for example. Nokia outsourced its software development efforts to India, and who paid the price for that misjudgement?

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CDMA is a newer standard compared to GSM. CDMA is still protected with patents (Mostly held by Qualcomm). While a lot of the patents surrounding GSM have expired (?). CDMA is more efficient for the given bandwidth (both number of connections and energy), while GSM is based on time or frequency division.

In countries like India, government regulation ensured that CDMA players didn't get any advantages monetarily, due to the better bandwidth utilization, over GSM players. Thus, ensuring a slow death for CDMA.

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Yes, 20 symbols. The easiest way out, if pirating subscribers knew the pdf's are watermarked (and all pirates should be suspicious), is to take 2 or more copies, then take a print-out. Jumble the pages from different versions, add a few punctuations of their own, then scan them and upload.

If its such a popular magazine, a better method would be to make the magazine free and advertize to your advertisers about the huge circulation numbers and make more money from them.

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by nikkipolya (#43971027) Attached to: India To Develop Military Robots For Warfare

Don't take India too seriously. If you go by their past record, you wouldn't. As per their claims, by now they should have had a scram-jet driven missile and satellite launch vehicle. Heck, they don't even have a scram jet engine so far. Heck, they don't even have a jet engine so far. Their LCA fighter "jet", that was slated for completion more than 2 decades ago is still not part of the their military. It is being built with a jet engine supplied by GE and the avionics come from Dassault/France. The composites come with Russian help. They are trying to build the pilot seats and other upholstery on their own. Why do you think they bought so many Rafale's? Their missile programs are mostly a scam. Except for the joint India-Russian Brahmos cruise missiles, where India contributed the capital and Russia contributed the technology, rest is all hot air. In fact most indigenous missile development programs have been scraped. Now Indian government has made it mandatory to only provide funding for joint development programs such as the Brahmos. Their indigenous tanks don't work, their replacement efforts for the WW II Bofors gun has yielded nothing. You want to believe this story? It's just another of their scams, which they are notoriously good at.

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