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by nikkipolya (#48035921) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Not true. The dharma-karma reincarnation point of view is not mandatory in Hinduism, its but one point of view. One of the earliest schools of Hinduism was the Samkhya school. Which is an atheistic school with adherents even to this day in India. The later schools range between various shades of atheism to theism. Jainism and Buddhism are off-shoots of Hinduism and both are largely atheistic.

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1. Hey but Nick Leeson is making a killing out of it. He was convicted and jailed. And so is Kevin Mitnick and a host of others. The whistleblower should go beyond the facts of his whistleblowing and start from his childhood. How he dreamt of freedom and how fiercely he fought to save it on his school playground. Defending the hapless kids from the bullies.... blah blah blah... That makes a wonderful story. Then he can go about narrating his life after he lost his job, making ends meet. How he was determined to fight it out, all alone vs the state. How he survived the fallout... How he is the savior of morals and values. Of courage, grit and determination. blah blah...

2. At least they should make an attempt. Even if the book doesn't fly and the movie never happens, they can become a public speaker. If not in the US, definitely abroad. They can get into talking about leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills, self help blah blah blah... there is a big market for it. I know of people who have not done anything noteworthy in their lives but are making a killing by going to companies and talking about leadership, emotional intelligence, x habits of a leader, innovation and bull like that. These guys atleast have some real life story to tell.

3. Mitnick, Leeson are on the top of my head. He can walk clear of those states where such laws exist. In fact they can walk out of US and not bother. Nothing much there anyways. Earth is a big planet.

4. Launch a fight against the ammo in full public view and make a story out of it too!! Like we read on slash the other day of that Italian restaurant that came up with a neat idea to fight the extortion attempts of Yelp!

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By being a whistleblower they have displayed to the world that they have a lot of risk taking abilities. Now that they have appeared on slashdot, they should consider writing a book about their experiences. The hesitation, the resistance they faced at their work-place, then the moment... They can then sell the rights to their story to movie studios too!! That's the way forward to high risk takers such as whistleblowers. Make it all or loose it all!! They can then go around delivering lectures about their experiences, their book. Go independent, I mean!!

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It was so cheap because India relied on the R&D done by developed nations. And then it forgot to include the cost of its own R&D for the program. It just included the cost of the mission in an as is where is condition. Vallah!! we have a cheap Mars mission. How else can they score some brownie points? They are certainly not the first to go around Mars. But hey, if they say they are the first at being the cheapest to go to Mars, well that's a first in some way!! And they scored some brownie points.

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I don't know about all these new features in windows that you are talking about, but I have a hunch. My hunch is, all these features are already available in the Linux/Unix world and their performance is much better that it would ever be in Windows. Plus Linux/UNIX offer many more advanced features.

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The list just shows how poorly the algorithm has been constructed. Politicians and entertainers are walking and talking advertisements of themselves. Unfortunately scientists and engineers are not, It's their works that are influential. The ranking algorithm will reveal them if the pages of their works are ranked instead. There are numerous other biases in this kind of an algorithm.

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