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Comment: Re: What To Expect With Windows 9 (Score 1) 541

by nikkipolya (#47924293) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9

I don't know about all these new features in windows that you are talking about, but I have a hunch. My hunch is, all these features are already available in the Linux/Unix world and their performance is much better that it would ever be in Windows. Plus Linux/UNIX offer many more advanced features.

Comment: Slashdotted a poor algorithm (Score 1) 231

The list just shows how poorly the algorithm has been constructed. Politicians and entertainers are walking and talking advertisements of themselves. Unfortunately scientists and engineers are not, It's their works that are influential. The ranking algorithm will reveal them if the pages of their works are ranked instead. There are numerous other biases in this kind of an algorithm.

Comment: Re:How (Score 1) 110

by nikkipolya (#47219937) Attached to: GoDaddy Files For $100 Million IPO

They have got $133M in cash and equivalents. And a $1.5B in debt. Basically the company is chewing down its own rear. KKR, Silverlake, Tech Crossover have 68.5% stake in the company. The CxO's are having a good time. $12M per year for CxO's is a great deal for a bunch of morons. So the IPO is a nice way to try to extend the party the morons are enjoying before they float their resumes and land at another party.

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