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Comment Re: Haven't Windows Phone users learned by now? (Score 1) 90

But at least other app's, like the camera, acrobat reader, google maps etc. don't hang on me on my wife's iPad. All of the above app's including chrome keep hanging all the time on my tablet. The touch goes unresponsive for a long time. Sometimes I would want to capture a moment but end up losing it because the camera app took a long time to respond. All the videos that I have recorded with my motorola tablet tend to have a jerky moment at about fixed time intervals. No, I don't have a microSD card. Same is the case with my android phone.

Comment Re:Haven't Windows Phone users learned by now? (Score 1) 90

For all the years I have hated Microsloth and their litigious ways of functioning, I am getting pissed off at Android now. Not because of their litigious ways but because it is so damn slow and laggy. Java is screwing android. My tablet has 1 GB RAM and a dual core processor but it still leaves me frustrated. Although I dislike Apple and their dictatorial ways I will have to admit that with 512 MB RAM and similar processor my wife's iPad mini is so very smooth to use. I am starting to consider switching to windows devices for their excellent price point and smoothness.

Comment Re:Why are there so many security researchers ? (Score 2) 90

They get hired at all the major companies including non-IT/software companies. They are there to ensure the websites, applications, IT infrastructure etc. are secure. Apart from that many also do consulting on their own for quite a good sum of money. Recently a telco customer of ours hired the services of a security consultant for $570 per hr for over a few months to oversee the roll out of LTE.

Comment Re:You know what's worse than being unemployed? (Score 2) 231

So true. I've been there, seen that. Its like living in the middle of utter chaos. One person pounding the road with a steel bar while a dozen other men are just watching. Another person pounding volcanic glass on the side of the road while his family sits beside him watching him. The traffic is utter chaos. With vehicles of all sizes and shapes (shapes you would have never before seen in your life) tightly packed on the roads to the extent of being intertwined into each other. With some patches of road in the middle of an ocean of potholes and rain water mixed with gutter. And when you get to office the scene is no different. There are people chatting all over the office space like its some kind of a congregation. There are people yelling loudly, laughing loudly, no body seems to be working really. You see people overflowing in the cafeteria all through day and relaxing there sipping chai and coffee. Then another hour for lunch. And then in the after noon you see people bringing in stinky snacks on to their tables and there is a congregation around there with people laughing, shouting, talking loudly and munching. When do they work? They don't until after sunset. Then there are serious discussions as to what they were supposed to do but they didn't. And some shitty dirty code quickly gets written with no thought going into the design. The programmers are as clueless as ever. There are about two to three people coding while ten other people watch them sitting and standing in various postures. All fifteen of them are then billed for 8 hours of work. And then people leave for the day. Its the same story the following day. Its as scary as can be. I would rather work as a farm laborer.

Comment Re:without Europe (Score 1, Insightful) 471

Ireland, Greece have gone bust. Italy, Portugal, Spain are all on the brink. Other's are in line... I do not know of one serious large tech company from Europe. SAP is the biggest low-tech company at around $20 Billion. That is immediately followed by Dassault at $3 Billion. If you ignore CapGemini which is actually an IT sweat shop. That's it. over.

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