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Comment Re:You know what's worse than being unemployed? (Score 2) 228

So true. I've been there, seen that. Its like living in the middle of utter chaos. One person pounding the road with a steel bar while a dozen other men are just watching. Another person pounding volcanic glass on the side of the road while his family sits beside him watching him. The traffic is utter chaos. With vehicles of all sizes and shapes (shapes you would have never before seen in your life) tightly packed on the roads to the extent of being intertwined into each other. With some patches of road in the middle of an ocean of potholes and rain water mixed with gutter. And when you get to office the scene is no different. There are people chatting all over the office space like its some kind of a congregation. There are people yelling loudly, laughing loudly, no body seems to be working really. You see people overflowing in the cafeteria all through day and relaxing there sipping chai and coffee. Then another hour for lunch. And then in the after noon you see people bringing in stinky snacks on to their tables and there is a congregation around there with people laughing, shouting, talking loudly and munching. When do they work? They don't until after sunset. Then there are serious discussions as to what they were supposed to do but they didn't. And some shitty dirty code quickly gets written with no thought going into the design. The programmers are as clueless as ever. There are about two to three people coding while ten other people watch them sitting and standing in various postures. All fifteen of them are then billed for 8 hours of work. And then people leave for the day. Its the same story the following day. Its as scary as can be. I would rather work as a farm laborer.

Comment Re:without Europe (Score 1, Insightful) 466

Ireland, Greece have gone bust. Italy, Portugal, Spain are all on the brink. Other's are in line... I do not know of one serious large tech company from Europe. SAP is the biggest low-tech company at around $20 Billion. That is immediately followed by Dassault at $3 Billion. If you ignore CapGemini which is actually an IT sweat shop. That's it. over.

Comment Re:#4 in the U.S. Market, #1 in Malware (Score 1) 209

Depends... There have been preloaded malware incidents, but the bootloaders of these devices tend to be either not locked, or easily unlocked. After that, it isn't tough to flash a third party ROM, or good ol' CM.

Flashing a good ROM can go a long way into making a low end device quite useful, and for a flagship phone, making it worth the price premium.

Comment Re:I thought this was the only way SAP gets sold. (Score 1) 72

That's pretty much how anything gets sold to the government of India. There is a well know "procedure" of doing it too. Western companies hire and pay huge sums of money to local consulting companies to do "Consulting" with the local governments. What the consulting companies really do is, they transfer that money to the officials in the local government and will in turn generate an invoice for the western company. So the transaction from the perspective of the western company selling any goods is "white". It just appears like the western company just hired the services of an Indian company to help them "figure out" the local market. Making it legal from the perspective of the western company. What really happened is that they indirectly just bribed the officials in the local government to purchase their goods. Some of these officials in the Indian government are Billionaires who have stashed away all their ill gotten wealth in Swiss banks, including many former Prime Ministers of the country.

Comment Re: Oracle's monopoly? (Score 2) 457

I have used iPhone and iPad. They gave me a shitty experience. I felt like my devices were still owned by Apple and whenever I was using them I was just doing time. I moved to Android and it feels much better. I have a lot of freedom.

Had Google just straight up used C or C++ we wouldn't be in this predicament.

I sort of agree with you on that point. But C++ lacks core language support for so many fundamental things. Then there are a myriad 3rd party libraries with their own quirks.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."