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Comment Re:He's not wrong (Score 1) 235

Those and smartphones. Smartphones are making kids dumb. Kids who are addicted to social networks, games, *tube, are loosing interest in activities requiring use of paper and pen like Mathematics, Physics. They are also spending less time in physical activities and more time sitting on the couch. Making them low hanging fruits for AI to outsmart them.

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Hey, but every since Marissa joined as the CEO the companies share price nearly doubled. I don't know how much of the price rise is attributed to Alibaba's price rise. But I think Marissa is not the only person who should take the brunt in the Yahoo story. I think the screw up began right from when Terry Semel was the CEO. Semel was one clueless CEO who made the most out of Yahoo, he was a freeloader. Carol Bartz lacked vision too but at least she knew how to streamline operations and turn Yahoo back into profits. Marissa burnt the balance sheet in hopes of reviving Yahoo but she again lacked/lacks clear vision and direction.

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