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Comment Re:7000 - 9000 / sec ?? (Score 1) 220

There are what, 1-2 billion people currently on the internet at any one time (probably exceeds that).

I seriously doubt this figure. China, India and Africa add up to about half of the worlds population, and from what I've gathered they barely have the broadband penetration to have one people in six on the net every day. Having one people in six on the internet at any given time would mean that something like 30% of the population in the western world is online right now, always.

Comment Re:Apple... (Score 1) 114

The problem with Nokia, atleast here in the states, is that they are slowly outsourcing their "idea" people. New designs and development are being put everywhere now. Hell, the buildings here in Irving went from 4 full buildings full of employees to just one building with enough people to only fill 4 (of 7) floors. I get a kick off seeing their EMF room, but they hardly use it because everything is developed out of states.

That might, just might, be because of Nokia is not from the states. You did know that, didn't you? The buildings here in Helsinki are still full :)

Comment Re:Reliability (Score 1) 280

The thing is, there were probably hundreds of identical lawnmowers made, some 50 years ago. The ones that broke up were thrown away and have long since been forgotten. You just don't hear the anecdotes about your grandpa buying a lawnmower in the fifties, only to have it break down in the mid-sixties. We kinda fall for the same thing when it comes to entertainment, we brag about how well the Beatles has survived the test of time - yet we forget all about the thousands of has-beens. They really do make them like they used to, just wait 50 years and you'll see.

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