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Comment: Re: Marijuana's capacity to REVEAL TRUTH (Score 1) 291

"Social Contract" is just bullshit Rousseau made up to replace the Divine Right of Kings, which had gone out of favor.

State your preference and add "social contract" to the end - it's easy and profitable.

Ooooo, let me try...

1. Divine Right of Kings
2. Social Contract
3. ???????
4. Profit!!!!

Comment: Re:Gut flora (Score 1) 152

by nightsky30 (#49210483) Attached to: Sewage Bacteria Reveal Cities' Obesity Rates
Agreed. Correct portions, less calories, healthier foods, and adequate exercise all contribute to fitter people, and all of those factors require willpower to make good decisions. The soda mention also brought to mind those individuals who think they can guzzle "diet" soda or eat other "diet" foods and lose weight. If the regular product a junk food company sells is bad for you, chances are the diet product is bad for you too, just in different, more hidden ways. Not only are people not trustworthy enough to limit themselves to 1 diet serving, but the artificial chemical crap that goes into some (but not all) diet foods is horrible for your body. People are better off just eating healthier, not substituting with the "diet" version of junk food.

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