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Comment: Re: what a douche (Score 1) 166

I believe the primary obstacle is that the gov't [particularly the federal gov't] loathes actually hiring people. they want to outsource everything, because of the mantra "private industry steals the best". and then to make sure only the crappiest companies bid on the project, make everyone submit hundreds of pages of mostly useless paperwork, and then pick the lowest bidder, regardless of ability to actually perform the work. Then, when the lowest bidder fails, award the contract to a close friend's company, and whatever price they suggest, because "it has to get done by yesterday".

THIS! This IS exactly what happens, and the laws, processes, and people that are in place are so broken it is impossible to get anything meaningful accomplished. It's ALL WASTED. The Time, Money, and Talent are spent on chasing down paperwork that was submitted properly 2 months ago that one bottle-necked individual couldn't bother to take 5 seconds to sign because they had to take a 2 week long vacation with nobody as an alternate point of contact or delegate of responsibility. Now you have to resubmit all that paperwork AGAIN because since the first submission the form has changed. They added a box to account for pink slippers instead of "light red" slippers, but that's only after not being told by anyone the form changed. If you're lucky, you might get that stuff in before you run into other issues that prevent even more actual work, but somehow create even greater paperwork. Often you end up putting in a year and a half effort into getting granted extensions for 6 months.

Comment: Stop these fsckers (Score 1) 125

by nightsky30 (#47486237) Attached to: FTC To Trap Robocallers With Open Source Software
I used to get repeat calls from some "continuing education" bullshit asking for someone by the name of Sasha by some Indian guy. When I told him I wasn't Sasha, he asked for my name, and I very politely said I don't give out that information. Then they claimed they were from some health organization... Then they claimed they were from M$ and wanted to remote into my "Windows PC" to install their virus scanner because it "was infected, and they were seeing traffic from it". I called that bullshit outright, told the guy I run Linux, and that he was a fscktard scammer. They hung up... Then the next time they called, I acted like I knew him, was too busy to talk, asked for his number, and repeatedly told him I'd call him back in 5 minutes. Man did that piss him off LOL! I'd report them, but they block or disguise their numbers. Now I just don't answer numbers I don't know. If it's important, they will leave a voicemail.

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