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by nightcats (#48391127) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Programming Education Resources For a Year Offline?
Whatever language it is in which you specialize, know that to stop doing it and just watch it for a while will not make you lose it. It will, however, deepen your understanding of yourself. Spend this time in this extraordinary place in debugging yourself. Thus, if you'd like to "practice fundamentals," here is a place to start.

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If time is important in terms of preparation and especially maintenance, then Adobe's Robohelp product may be worth considering, probably with Captivate for producing the video material. It has its own set of wiki templates, plays well with Sharepoint, is HTML5 ready in its current version (11), and allows for production of varying formats within the same file or project. Just be ready to tweak the code for the templates.

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by nightcats (#47935051) Attached to: I think next winter will be:
Back when I worked for AIG, geeks from their satellite IT office in Chennai, India would come over for 3 to 6 month stays "onshore" as they called the New Jersey office. So whenever a few of these fellows came over, we'd take over our usual conference room for lunch and there would be introductions of the new arrivals. The routine was for everyone there to say his name, function, and his primary language. The first time I was involved in one of these, I watched and listened as they went round the table: "I am Abishek and I'm with the portal team specializing in javascript..."; "I am Ramana and I'm a sys admin, UNIX..."; and so on. So they finally come round to me: the veterans of the place are smiling because they know I don't really have a "language," unless you count HTML. So I made this announcement: "I am Brian and I'm the documentation guy, and so my language is English." Bless them, they found this highly amusing, the whole table was laughing. That's a rather lengthy lead-in to the following observation: geeks (no matter their nationality) are rarely much better at English than I am at C, so I point this out without any sense of finger-shaking. The two "slightly" responses amount to the same semantic sense as "no significant change" -- thus, 3 of the responses could be condensed into one.

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by nightcats (#47313517) Attached to: The Higgs Boson Should Have Crushed the Universe
Hills and valleys, poetic images and wistful metaphors delivered with Shakespeareian bemusement over a cup of Earl Gray in the ready room, near the end of another episode's close shave with some Cosmic Anomaly or other. Perhaps Q is there as well, whispering: "the trial never ends, Jean Luc..."

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I write: by day, technical documentation. By night, the kind of stuff I actually like to write. But I would have thought "cat" would be among the choices at a geek site!

BTW everyone: treasure your kittehs, they just don't last long enough here and leave a big hole in your chest when they have to go.

+ - Intel Announces Devil's Canyon Core i7-4790K: 4GHz Base Clock, 4.4GHz Turbo->

Submitted by MojoKid
MojoKid (1002251) writes "Last year, Intel launched two new processor families based on the Haswell and Ivy Bridge-E based Core i7 architecture. Both chips were just incremental updates over their predecessors. Haswell may have delivered impressive gains in mobile, but it failed to impress on the desktop where it was only slightly faster than the chip it replaced. Enthusiasts weren't terribly excited about either core but Intel is hoping its new Devil's Canyon CPU, which launches today, will change that. The new chip is the Core i7-4790K and it packs several new features that should appeal to the enthusiast and overclocking markets. First, Intel has changed the thermal interface material from the paste it used in the last generation over to a new Next Generation Polymer Thermal Interface Material, or as Intel calls it, "NGPTIM." Moving Haswell's voltage regulator on-die proved to be a significant problem for overclockers since it caused dramatic heat buildup that was only exacerbated by higher clock speeds. Overclockers reported that removing Haswell's lid could boost clock speeds by several hundred MHz. The other tweak to the Haswell core is a great many additional capacitors, which have been integrated to smooth power delivery at higher currents. This new chip gives Haswell a nice lift. If the overclocking headroom delivers on top of that, enthusiasts might be able to hit 4.7-4.8GHz on standard cooling."
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