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Comment: Re:"Not illegal" is not the same as "you can do th (Score 1) 227

by nightcats (#48951481) Attached to: The NFL Wants You To Think These Things Are Illegal
Well the message is all the same, legalities or not: we are the NFL, a massive, mega-billion dollar, tax-exempt corporation with the government deep and firm in our pockets. If we say you've done something wrong and bring out our army of lawyers to intimidate you, you will be intimidated, make no mistake about that. You may therefore split hairs all you like; we can chop heads and get away with it.

On balance, anyway, I will join Zirin in rooting for Seattle because of what they can make socially of another victory. But I won't be watching.

Comment: Re:The BORG! (Score 1) 266

by nightcats (#48848157) Attached to: Best Cube?
I have different sense of it (the whole thing is here):

This “character” is the Orwellian collectivist organization that lives in a giant cube of wires and darkness and ignorance. There is a daring genius to this image: the program was exposing the insanity of its own genre, television. It is holding up the great mirror of Art to the very thing that gave it life. Wow.

Comment: well, pain is not gain, is it? (Score 1) 323

by nightcats (#48652901) Attached to: Putting Time Out In Time Out: The Science of Discipline
I wrote the following in an essay a number of years back:

But first, a word about discipline: any discipline — of the body, the mind, a student, a child, an animal — that strays from the purpose of liberating and fulfilling its potential is no longer discipline but despotism. This betrayal of discipline, this loss of purpose, is in many respects the defining error of our age and culture — in education, government, the workplace, our markets, and our media. Natural discipline is more about possibility than limitation; it affirms and supports freedom and rejects oppression and punishment. If a path of discipline that you are involved with contains a trace of punishment, guilt, or imperiousness, then I would encourage you to leave that path immediately; for it is not discipline.

Comment: try writing (Score 1) 312

by nightcats (#48532307) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Electronics-Induced Inattentiveness?
If you're a student you have to research and write; try the same thing in your personal life as well. I've written a little on the tl;dr phenomenon: the point is not so much to swim against the current of society but rather to follow the flow of your own native ability. In any event, avoid at all costs the solution to which so many become slaves (Adderall).

Comment: Re:Obvious guy says (Score 1) 223

by nightcats (#48391127) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Programming Education Resources For a Year Offline?
Whatever language it is in which you specialize, know that to stop doing it and just watch it for a while will not make you lose it. It will, however, deepen your understanding of yourself. Spend this time in this extraordinary place in debugging yourself. Thus, if you'd like to "practice fundamentals," here is a place to start.

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"