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Comment Re: Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1147

What about those taking places on military bases? Those are technically gun-filled zones.

A better phrase is gun fillable zone.
It is the rare US military base that does not keep weapons under lock and key.
There are many reasons but insane gunman is not the primary one.

As for all of these killings there seems to be an issue well outside of
guns and gun control going on.
Too much hate... CNN vs. FoX is one crazy example.
Suicide bombers, WTF.
Suicide by cop, WTF.
Suicide by train (too common near here), WTF.
Religious mismatches generating murders, WTF.
Bigots killing the other bigots, WTF.

We have militarized our mind and the minds of officials:
War on drugs, WTF.
War on ...... everything imaginable.
War on tolerance... all too common IMO, WTF.
War on privacy..., WTF.
War on public nudity, WTF we need more of that not less.
War on women nursing hungry children in public. What ever happened to "Feed the Children" campaigns?

Sadly this is making large parts of towns, cities, states, nations into war zones.

Bottom line.
Living in a war zone is hazardous to your health...

The one WAR on ... we can make one go away: the war on drugs.
Given the current budget of the War on Drugs we could finance
outstanding health care for drug addicts. I am not a fan of drugs
but the WOD has caused more harm worldwide than many are
willing to tally.

This and teach morality and ethics in class, K-forever.. even if we must resort
to comparative classes.
New movie and video game rating... NRV (no redeeming social value)
NRVD (no redeeming social value drugs)
NRVR (no redeeming social value rape)
NRVS (no redeeming social value sex) ..... we have all see a WTF moment movie...

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 151

I'm raising a glass of Resin as I write this.
"Random access information retrieval utilizing user-defined labels"
with reference to tape cartridges and Faxes...
Seems to be another patent based on class notes and white board disclosure.
This seems less inventive than a multi sided needle card sort.

Comment Re:Oh, that's ironic (Score 1) 576

Yeah, you can always scrape the bottom of the barrel, ....

And the age for cyber-war?
Most interesting cyber abuses are at both ends of the boot chain.
A generalization is that the old guys understand boot code and drivers better
than the kids. Old guys have seem stuff fail more than any new kid so
the old guys might be more defensive programmers.

And then there is SciFi stuff that is perhaps to be true next week.

Comment Re:Oh, that's ironic (Score 1) 576

75% of these so-called refugees are military age men.

I'll bet about 75% of Slashdot readers are military age men.

Makes you think.

This assertion needs data.
Perhaps a /. poll. But first define military age.

"As a last ditch effort to stave off defeat in October 1944, all males aged 16 to 60 were required to join the Volkssturm, or Home Guard."
The implication here is that 25% are over 60 and under 16 and this is just conscription.

In the US enlistment has bounds but once in service age can be as old as
they wish as long as they can meet standards. One reserve unit doctor is 66.
" Mandatory retirement age is age 62 for all officers other than general or flag officers. Service Secretaries may defer the retirement of health professional officers and chaplains until the age of 68."
So 68 is a US military upper bound ... and I assert less than 25% of /. is over 68 but I could be wrong.

Comment Re:Nobody mentioned it to me. (Score 1) 403

I'm not surprised that a meteorology course would concentrate on water. It's the only greenhouse gas whose level changes significantly on the time scales that weather is forecast on. Water vapor is what they call a condensing greenhouse gas. .....

Interesting and worthy "Water vapor is what they call a condensing greenhouse gas."

Jungles, forests, grasslands, ice fields... oceans... All are modified by water.
Remember the great Sahara Forest
makes it clear that man's impact on the environment was big (put a time frame on that
bit of knowledge)...

Comment Re:One question (Score 1) 403

Nevertheless, according to model evidence,

Models are not evidence. Measurements are evidence, models are an attempt to draw conclusions from evidence.


Obligatory addition that:
Correlation does not imply causation....
This climate thing is important. No mater where I stand on the science it
is an issue worthy of great attention. Too many hair brained plans...

The cap and trade carbon tax gang stands to make too much money brokering
the exchange game to allow any discussion. The issue is real, their approach
at addressing it seems selfish.

Comment Re:More nope (Score 1) 403

CO2 has risen substantially in the last decade or two - with very little corresponding warming.
Last year was the hottest in recorded history ... so you are simply: wrong.
Also keep in mind: when you open the valve of your heating, it takes a few minutes until the radiator is hot, and it takes hours until your room is significantly warmer. ......

One also needs to look at a bucket of ice and water on a stove with a thermometer in it.
What is the initial temp and what is the temp at about the time the last bit of ice melts.
----- Nice sale at Thermapen BTW.----
The point too many miss is energy budget and balance.
The astounding thing about water is the enormous energy budget changes
as water changes phases. It takes 80 calories to melt 1 gram of ice and
the heat of vaporization of water is 540 calories/gram. What is the energy
of the monsoon rains in India? What is the energy budget of a Katrina?
Combine this with partitioned masses of water in the ocean and
the impact of local, regional, global climate changes is much more
complex than all but a rare few climate models work with.
Altitude and the big 540 cal/g transition is very important....

Climate models, especially the old ones are absolute examples of
dusty deck mad-scientist with gray hair baggage. I have seem some FORTRAN
code that might be F66 and contains PI=3.14 .. I got to look at the
deck because the keeper and user of the code complained that
he was seeing instability in the 19th digit in parallel processing runs.

I mentioned that setting PI=3.14 and complaining about the 19th digit
was "anonymolous". He responded that the code was unstable when
a better value from math.h was used.

These researchers are not making strong enough demands on their
code foundations and are not making strong enough demands on
hardware vendors and perhaps more importantly not making demands
on IEEE hardware math standards and absolutely not making foundational
demands on math libraries. Rounding and overflow rules are a train
wreck in many of these programs. Almost none catch divide by zero.

Some researchers in France (IIRC) are working on an improved math
library. Since benchmarks are part of the procurement process
no vendor wants to play with better libraries for fear they might
not win the procurement. Code authors need to pay attention...

I quibble about 3.14 and PI at the same time that I know instrumentation
and historic records have their limits at about three significant digits. But
numerical methods can be applied. Modern instruments can be improved.

Comment Re:Pulling that off was a major conspiracy (Score 1) 494

That depends if the low emission mode was already coded and used in some other circumstances. If for example the engine enters that mode after idling for 30s. ..... But it is at least theoretically possible.

It can be astoundingly important to look at incentives, rewards and bonuses.

Management may set a goal and never check to see how it was achieved.
The more aggressive and inflexible the goal the more incentive there is to cheat.

My expectation is that some corner of the process was tasked with software
driven optimizations in a set of unlabeled operating profiles gathered by others.

There are many optimization processes driven by modern statistics that
can generate results and answers based on test data inputs alone.

I was astounded in my first interactions with Bayesian statistics to learn that none
of the inputs needed to be labeled yet an optimized result was still generated
and easy to test. There are limits but anonymous data can drive results better
than intent and purpose driven analysis based on specific knowledge. Consider
spam filters... all the feedback is binary: spam/ not-spam. There is no specific
input for viagra, no input or dear sirs my Nigerian... , no input for funky language

My guess is less forgiving. A single individual could have framed and gamed this
and once a performance test result was established it would never have been
looked at. Perhaps it was as simple as "scenario 567a" failed testing re-optimize it.
At no time would "scenario 567a" have been labeled scam the EPA test program.
The profile for "scenario 567a" would have been gathered no different than
stopped at light, climbing long hill, descending short hill... Once the profile
was gathered and a simple "go, no-go" result tagged to testing it the game
of hyper optimizing begins.

This will cost VW.
It is a lesson to look beyond simple metrics and simple test goals.

Comment Re:Science! (Score 1) 737

Because arresting people is what science is about now.

One real problem with "climate science" is the science is new and evolving.
At best some of the weather codes can get the correct answer in hindsight.
Some of the data and codes are so bad that using the word science hardly applies.

Missing is all the discussion is not the issue of right and wrong but the
astounding impact of the worst case scenarios. We do not need carbon tax
we need to invest in better science. Carbon tax in the form of cap & trade is simply
a way for "brokers" and "markets" to make money. It changes costs. Costs
are always passed through and born by the market.

Californians are looking hard at the El Niño impact risk. None of the weather services
can settle on a model that can tell the water managers of the west coast
anything of value. An inability to predict weather a year in advance makes it
very difficult to believe a weather model that reaches 20, 50, 75+ years in the future.

The CNN/Fox hybrid on TV that is is the Weather Channel is too busy
gathering eyeballs that it is busy playing Chicken Little with weather.
Social deniers like CNN revisit Katrina and ignore the reality that homes with
foundations below sea level like many in the 9th ward is foolish. They ignore
the reality that most are rental. They ignore the reality that flood insurance
for homes that are under water in the sense of Noah does not exist.
FoX is denying the whole thing when they can and blame the problem
on the Democrats.

Imposing law on top of evolving science is just foolish.

Weather and Climate Science is one place very much in need of open source codes
and open source data.

Weather and Climate Science is very much data starved. Domestic, International
and ocean wide data collection needs to be invested in. All surface ships and
aircraft need a weather data collection pod. Data transfer from ships to aircraft
to land, to aircraft to... can be done with classic store and forward tech like uucico
and need not incur expensive satellite bandwidth.

Darn I was going to not say climate science is bunk... but it is.
I will say that it is too important an issue for the nations of the world
to not invest and change my mind.

Comment Re:Israel hasn't vowed to "wipe Iran off the map" (Score 1) 441

Yeah, a lot of people don't understand even the basics of the situation.

The Japanese public had been fed, and believed, propaganda.....

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.
But what lessons are there to take away...

I fear we are skipping over the almost necessary dehumanization of the other guys
to allow previously sane people to engage in the horrendous prosecution of war.
It needs to be temporary....

What we cannot allow is some politically motivated dehumanization of the other guys
in order to justify some future action.

Sadly the almost necessary dehumanization of the other guys in the context of
resource starved desert dwellers necessary for survival was written down most
likely out of context witnessed by multiple scribes and compiled into the documented
social fabric of society.

A challenge I see is how to deprogram centuries of them vs. us inflexible
near insane troubles in society and find a way we on this shared commons
blue marble in space can move forward with.

There are complexities involving resources, water, food, CO2, global warming, sea levels, fisheries in the sea, emigration and immigration and more..
Silicon Valley is the best and worst example... what was one productive sustainable agriculture is now paved over and imports stuff from the globe.
At some point too much pavement will put us in a tipping point vastly more troubling and sooner than seal level changes.

Comment Re:Israel hasn't vowed to "wipe Iran off the map" (Score 1) 441

Are you old enough to remember the fighting between the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland?

To be more precise the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland that you make reference to are political handles more than
religious agenda driven activities.

Quite a distraction for Americans that had no clue (past tense may be very wrong).

It is very necessary to look at political discussions with the eyes of a trained psychologist.
One interesting thing that seems to be happening is splitting.
This all or nothing thinking is manipulated and abused by all manner of agenda driven
groups. It may explain swings in poll results and more.

Comment Re:(intentionally blank) (Score 1) 268

Except the printer refuses to print when the cartridge is 'empty'. It'd be like your car refusing to start or automatically turning off as soon as it hit empty no matter what. You'd then have to disconnect the tank, throw away that 20% of fuel, and buy a new gas tank from the manufacturer and only from the manufacturer.

The article is unclear on that... it says it gives a notice but then also says that notice is that it must change... whether that notice to change prevents it from operating is not really stated. On consumer grade printers, the notice pops up but you just ignore it until things start printing poorly.

There are consumer issues very much like the Tuna payout games of recent times.
If the sensor system incorrectly reports levels and sales decisions are made from these sensors
it seems consumer are being bilked out of product.
It is easy to weigh to a gram the full and the empty cart and do the math.
A 750ml cart should be lighter by ~750g*density_correction when the machine
reports it empty.

Some cost accountant may quibble that close without running out is good enough
because they have dedicated walk about staff for service doing the replacement.

Businesses should simply put the binders on color printers.
It makes sense to send spamo-grams to any vendor that has
printable documentation that abuses color for the sake of logo-vanity.

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