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Comment: Re:Seriously Nice Desktop UI (Score 1) 59

That's great. A stable, intuitive, responsive desktop is sorely needed. Linux desktop environments lack polish. Always missing features, configuration settings are confusing, and the file manager is too easy to crash. Why for instance is it such a pain to set colors in LXDE? Themes are icons and colors together, makes it difficult to have one without the other. In Openbox, I don't want the scroll wheel to flip between desktops, or "shade" and "unshade" windows if on the titlebar, and that's the first thing I turn off in that environment. Have to find and edit a text file to do that too. Too many times I'm scrolling a window and the mouse wanders off the page, and then suddenly I'm spinning through desktops or shading several open windows the next time I scroll.

As to responsiveness, where's Wayland?

Comment: Re:RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 478

The people collectively? Yes

Adelson owns among many things casinos, hotels, an Israeli newspaper.

So, what you're trying to say is that Sheldon Adelson is representative of people from other countries. Then we agree.

Those casinos, newspapers, investment management companies, etc. get money by selling things to customers, and not just other elite rich people customers.

So, what you're saying is, we have a "representative democracy" but it represents the people of a different country?

Comment: Predict the future transportation market (Score 1) 215

Put your speculator hat on: IBM, Google, and other car manufactures are working on not only autonomous cars but networked cars that communicate with each other to optimize traffic flow. Allowing human drivers in such a system would add an element of unknown risk to safety and efficiency. Given our fascist friendly government it would not be unreasonable to expect that the government will only allow automated vehicles on the road in the future. Once that happens and transportation is a service Uber wants to be a market leader in automated vehicle fleet ownership. As one can imagine owning a large part of the infrastructure necessary for all public and private transportation is a lucrative proposition.

Comment: Re:RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 478

Sadly, it does. Ultimately the people get the representatives they vote for.

Except the slate of candidates people are give to vote for are all selected by the same wealthy sociopaths.

Remember, in our system here in the US, the money primary comes before anyone gets to vote.

Comment: Re:RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 478

Representative democracy is where you have a specific assigned representative you can go to,

The problem is, the people who are assigning us our representatives are sociopathic oligarchs.

My point is not proportionality. My point is that our representatives actually represent people who mean us no damn good.

Comment: Re:Yes, but because (Score 4, Insightful) 182

It's fine that you realize that copying is inevitable and unstoppable, but you are still talking as if copying is immoral. It is copyright that is immoral. Copying is a natural right, and the way that the universe works. A radio broadcast or a concert or even just singing in the shower creates countless echoes of information. A shining light on a painting or written page bounces photons into the eyes of anyone looking that direction. Copyright is an entirely artificial restriction on these wholly natural processes. And for what purpose? To encourage the creation of more art. That is hardly the only way to encourage artistic endeavor. As to complaints that artists will starve without copyright, no, they won't. To support art, there is patronage, crowdfunding, performance, and endorsements, to name several other ways.

For copyright to really work, we are supposed to ignore all these echoes. See the movie at the theater, then buy it on DVD (or pirate it of course) if you want to see it again and your memory of it isn't satisfactory. The day may come when we all have inexpensive devices that augment our memory, allowing us to perfectly recall anything we see or hear and copy any of that we wish to another person or data repository, and then what of copyright? Copying has become so much easier to do over the past 40 years that copyright is already absurd now. With technology like that, copyright will be ridiculously archaic and worse than useless, it will be a major hindrance to the ability of its followers, if any, to function in society. For now, copyright blocks and slows the coming of the digital public library, a huge, huge improvement over the traditional library full of bound papers. The private bookstore is dying, and good riddance. Accepting copyright is like accepting a proposition that we should all use only one arm until the holders of the rights to use our other arms grant us permission, and each time we want to use our other arm, we have to ask for said permission and pay a fee. The industry has done an effective job of pushing the propaganda that copying is stealing, and hurts artists and is therefore unfair and immoral. They've confused the public with the seductive simplification that property is property and there is no difference between the physical and the intellectual variety. It's a simple, easy way to view the matter, but it is wrong, and the secret is out now. More and more people are seeing through their propaganda, ironically helped by the industry's clumsy, extreme, and harsh enforcement tactics that earned them the moniker "MAFIAA". For yet more reason why the industry is parasitic, a broad and extensive propaganda campaign, plus a terror campaign to scare the people who weren't fooled or who don't care, is just the sort of thing one could expect from parasites.

It's not just the future in which copyright doesn't work. It never has worked well, ever. Civilization would not have advanced to where it is today had ancient civilizations been able to lock down all information. No matter how much an ancient civilization wished to keep a new battle tactic or weapon secret, once used, their enemies would see it, and the survivors would not find it hard to understand and duplicate, or perhaps counter, or even improve.

Comment: Re:RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 5, Informative) 478

Representative Democracy. The worst system ever devised, except for all the others.

You think we have a "representative democracy" here in the US?

Representative of whom? Do you believe this government represents you? Do you think it represents the will of the people?

Comment: Re:Correct, but silly (Score 1) 167

by PopeRatzo (#49806397) Attached to: Can You Commit Copyright Infringement By Using Your Own Work?

That's not the way fair use works. If I write a review that includes quotes from your novel, I have created a new work that makes fair use of your material. You are NOT now a joint owner of my review. If you choose to reproduce my review, even if it contains your content, you are infringing. (Unless of course you can make a fair use argument yourself).

That's not even close to what happened in this case.

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