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Comment Like Job References? (Score 1) 186

Sounds like the way a lot of people do job references. You can get away with it too as it's real easy to get temporary phone numbers and with contracted out reference checkers it's easy enough to pretend to be multiple people. I've detected this scam a few time for companies that were trying to hire for "commodity" type jobs.

Comment CEO fired and good people ran for the exists (Score 1) 294

FF has gone down hill fast ever since they fired the president of mozilla for giving money to political causes that some people didn't like. Who wants to work in an "open" environment like that? I don't defend his views, I just defend his right to political speech unencumbered by punishment. Employees with half a brain and the ability to think outside the box probably started making plans to leave and that seems to have left a lot of weak people who can't think for themselves. Diversity must have limits!

Comment Re:For variable values of "faster" (Score 1) 337

I agree that we need to keep researching, but I think we need to speed it up and "go like hell" and get off this rock even if the process is a bit dirty. I mean, what do we do when renewables aren't enough or some fast moving rock is on its way to destroy our rock or some idiot does something really stupid with a virus or two. Let's go!

Comment Complete BS! (Score 1) 381

In the real world people work as much as necessary or as much as they want. I'm sure Bill Gates and Warren Buffer work far more than 40 hours/week. It's obvious that, to them, it's worth it. Now, you have to expand you horizons and see that probably a lot of people have decided that their salary is worth the time required even if they aren't billionaires and millionaires. Would they like to work less, hell yeah, but we can't all live in Greece.

Comment Decline of the taxonomist? (Score 1) 294

Not sure what came first, the decline of new species or the decline of taxonomists. But there has been a steady decline in the number of the taxonomists. In the field of botany lots of newly discovered plants are not described because they just aren't interesting enough for the taxonomists to work on them. Anyway, the best way to stop the perception of an extinction event is to create more species! Admittedly, that would be a short term fix.

Comment Re:What's that you say? (Score 1) 528

I just put a kid through college in Florida. It wasn't all that expensive with the Bright Futures scholarship and Florida's relatively low cost for college. I spent more on the car than I did on tuition and that was certainly optional. We never even considered getting a loan.

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