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Comment Fuck Linus! That d-bag doesn't... (Score 0) 291

Seriously, that testosterone dripping asshole thinks he's GOD but if he knew security half as good as he fucking thinks he does I wouldn't have to sudo yum so often. It's fucking easy to dump on everyone else but I'm not hearing him scream sophomoric obscenities at himself for the shit security. For fuck's sake, he named it after himself, I'm surprised he hasn't engaged in Seppuku yet.

Comment Re:Wut? Wasn't the science settled? (Score 1) 49

Newton's Laws of Motion were useful approximations but clearly wrong. I'm sure Einstein won't be the last word on it either. Science shouldn't be about right and wrong, but when it's politicized (power and money involved) it tends to become a black/white, right/wrong, settled/denier argument.

Comment These cheese-heads are true deniers! (Score 1) 49

Criminal nonsense! The models "prove" what happened. We have a graph shaped like a hockey stick that shows the heavy bombardment started 4 BYA. It's proven science, 97.36% of scientists agree. These cheese-heads are true deniers! If there was more money and power involved in this research I'm sure they would be publicly disgraced and banned from further grant money.

Comment Re:"Best military science fiction novel ever writt (Score 1) 241

I like Halderman and Heinlen but this nonsense about prime troops in direct contact is sad. Clearly, proxies are what you will use to fight, whether they are remotely controlled or AI's or blockades or cheap meat from some place it doesn't matter. I actually like Ender's Game for that reason even if not done all that well. I hope I didn't spoil anything.

Comment Re:In America (Score 1) 737

"We also have the right to pay a price if we knowing[ly] say false and reckless things that hurt others." WTF! You just made that up.

At the very least it's called satire and it's not illegal and it's OK to make a profit from such speech. In fact, the more outrageous and the more often you say it the better.

Je suis Charlie?

Comment #LivesMatter (Score 1, Insightful) 88

And you wonder why certain groups have basically given up trying to work with the police. I don't condone the violence, in fact I condemn it, but what do you expect when, seemingly, the police (and complicit city councils) don't respect you and repeatedly trample your rights? I would recommend that these groups give up the violence and focus on city hall and all the bastards that we keep electing. Insist on new management and ditch the entrenched LEO leadership, union or actual. Policing is big money and changing that is going to be really hard!

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