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Comment Re:pros and cons (Score 1) 306

* Porche SUV - huh? Doesn't do either job all that well.

To be fair: A SUV does only one job well, and that is aggrandizing its owner, and the Porsche SUV is perfect for the job. If it was for the smooth ride at long distances, each car can do better, for less fuel. If it was for the space and driving position, a van would could do that for less fuel, if it was for the loading and hauling capacity, a truck would do better with less maintenance required, and if it was for the offroad capabilities, each dedicated 4WD would beat it hands down.

All a SUV can is telling the world, that you don't want to drive a van or station wagon and will pay a premium not to have to.

Comment Not many options. (Score 1) 128

Hughesnet is the ONLY choice for high speed and yous lowest ping is 3000ms. yes 3 freaking seconds is the Shortest ping you will ever get.
Also the bandwidth you pay for it really cloudy. they cant explain why my data transfer counters don't match theirs some months they are higher than me by 2gb.

So in order to make sure you don't go over you have to pay for the highest bandwidth plan they have. Which if you can't swallow a $299 a month internet bill, then it's game over for your at home business.

Also remote access screen control via hughesnet is insanely painful, I do it regularly, but everything takes 10X more time.

Comment Dumbest fear mongering yet on Slashdot... (Score 4, Insightful) 195

honestly this is 100% stupid. If you dont think you can do this RIGHT NOW then you are an uneducated moron. Call up towing service and have a vehicle towed to the rear of a building, or a delivery service.

Honestly Slashdot just needs to change it's name to Gizmodo.

Comment Re:Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (Score 1) 117

Your claimed knowledge & experience of Malaysia should have led you to denouncing their apartheid & discrimination of minorities yet you attempted to minimize the indefensible with half truths. The fact is that fiction of having rights when the government refuses to respect them is worse than having no rights at all as it crushes the hopes of those who were deluded by the lie.

Comment Re:Use-case? (Score 1) 142

The direction that a project is going, is further away than where you want it to go.

Lets consider Android vs. GNU/Linux (Now I personally hate calling Linux "GNU/Linux", but I need to differentiate it ). They both use the Linux kernel, but the rest of the Operating systems are very different.
Android was forked so it can better suit a mobile system market. GNU/Linux was more towards the server and workstation.
As Android uses more direct frame-buffer technology, GNU/Linux focuses around X windows.
Android doesn't need to detect every piece of hardware, GNU/Linux does.
Android expect more gestures for its control, GNU/Linux is more keyboard and mouse.

Now on the BSD level. That is mostly server vs server, so the needs are not as large. However there is a fair amount of discussion on how defaults should be setup, what type of hardware should be supported, as moving to a virtual environments how many tasks needed to be running optimally....

Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 2) 245

When they moved off hieroglyphs, I expect the reasoning was more political than an actual analysis of the benefits of changing.
You know that getting taken over by Rome stuff. Having the population and demographics shifts where people from other cultures gets integrated in the culture where some of their ideals and values get moved in.
Now there was probably some level of communication loss by leaving the hieroglyphs, that its alternatives never really did pick up. Now as time goes on perhaps we should allow some changes, and get out of Victorian values in literacy.

Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 1) 245

Except for the fact that illiteracy rates are at an all time low.
Back in the good old days when people weren't interested such stuffy formal books, they just decided that reading wasn't for them, so they never learned. Yes emojis are silly, and are used in informal methods. But for the most part they used for fun. If I get an email from my boss and it has emojis on it, it means it is informal communication, as he is just joking around. However if it is more of a formal request there are no emojis, so it means it is strict business.
When we live in a world of unprecedented mass-communications as I expect even this silly post is being read across the world, having new tools to express themselves in a concise way format is useful. Heck books often have pictures too. Not so much in formal literary books, but in instructional books, children books, and are you really going to open up a can of worms and say comics are just kids stuff.
Sometimes we just need to lighten up, and realize not all communication needs to be strictly formal.

Comment Re:Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (Score 1) 117

That is a lie as anyone with any experience with Malaysia knows.

Half a century ago it was a "Legal right" for black men to vote & yet we all know that the entrenched power in southern states refused to respect it. Stop pretending that Malaysia respects the rights of it's minorities and apply real reform to sanction the abuses.

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