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1) Of course, an SSH key is less secure than a password if you don't encrypt it. Or exactly the same security as a password that is stored in Desktop/passwords.txt, anyway.

2) Key exchange doesn't involve the raw transmission of the private key to the remote host. That's kind of the whole point.


Submission + - Amazon Blames Crash On Hardware, Not Hackers->

justice4all writes: Amazon says its sites in Europe suffered hardware problems, not a WikiLeaks cyber-war attack

Amazon sites in Europe were offline for half an hour on Sunday, but the online seller says the problem was due to hardware faults, not an attack inspired by the continuing WikiLeaks cyber-war.

The Amazon sites for the UK, Germany, Italy and France were all out for about half an hour around 9pm Sunday night. Amazon had been a target of reprisals last week, for removing WikiLeaks from its servers, but the outage was apparently caused by hardware problems, not a denial of service (DoS) attack.

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