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+ - MPAA joins W3C; bigger anti-DRM push needed-> 2

Submitted by ciaran_o_riordan
ciaran_o_riordan (662132) writes "The W3C has announced a new member: the MPAA. Oh. Which makes this a good time to see whatever happened to last Summer's campaign against DRM in HTML5. It's still there. W3C took a lot of criticism, but the plan hasn't changed. DRM ("Encrypted Media Extensions") was still there in the October 2013, and in the January 2014 drafts. Tim Berners-Lee is still defending DRM. For the technical details, there are many good pages. What's at stake? It'd be like Flash or Silverlight websites, but instead of being really hard to make free software viewers/browsers, it'll be almost impossible, not to mention possibly illegal in the many countries which prohibit "bypassing technical protection mechanisms". And our work to get governments to use open standards will end up used against us when free software can't tick all the boxes in a public tender that specifies a "W3C HTML5 based" DRM system. More pressure is needed. One very small act is to sign the no DRM in HTML5 petition. A good debate is: "What's more effective than a petition?" But please sign the petition first, then debate it. It's also worth considering giving to the annual appeal of FSF, the main organisation campaigning against this."
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Comment: Windows 8 (Score 1) 255

by Nick De Graeve (#43606969) Attached to: How often do friends/family call you for tech support?
Since the release of Windows 8 it's on the rise again.

It was better when they had XP/Vista/7 and I got most of them on Firefox and Thunderbird. But now their new devices have W8 and I have to try to get it to behave like the Windows they know. Installing Classic Shell helps a lot.I don't have W8 myself so I have find out most things via Google.

W8's Metro is so intrusive I get agressive just spending the little time helping my friends and family. I'm seriously thinking of letting them try Linux. I honnestly believe the learning curve from W XP/Vista/7 to Linux is less steep than to W8.

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