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Comment What good is it? (Score 2) 132

What good is all this speed when they keep blocking interesting sites? This kind of bandwidth is only good to seed / share large things and we get blanket bans here in the UK on all kinds of torrent and other sites. I'd rather be with a smaller ISP which doesn't block things and has a lesser bandwidth allowance than with these guys, who make it harder and harder to have freedom on the net.

Comment Re:Oh yeah, it's "bombing" in the US alright... (Score 1) 288

I've seen this movie, it's not great... Just a stoner movie. That is all. It probably had a net gain from all the kerfuffle as of late, but still, I couldn't recommend it. Cohen's "The Dictator" was much better, and that wasn't amazing either.

Comment Re:Android (Score 1, Redundant) 351

Freaking joke of a language? It's the number 1 or 2 language in use today (along with C) if you consult language ranking sources... The reason it stood still for a few years is due to Sun going under. But we can't complain. Sun created Java and languages directly inspired by it (such as C#) owe a lot to them.

Slowly and surely the unix crept up on the Nintendo user ...