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Submission + - Government lawyer says patent trolls are a 'concern' (

gale the simple writes: "While it is fairly common for the jaded and cynical to ride on the lawyers these days( often including Henry VI's famous line about them ), every now and then we can see that they are not always the plague and scourge of the earth.
EFF again shows that even lawyers can do good in this world. All jokes aside, something seems to have moved. Maybe all that blood letting between the major corporations ( apple vs samsung ) made the leaders recognize that MAD world of patents might not be very stable."


Submission + - The TED2 Conference (1990) - A Writeup, 22 Years Later (

An anonymous reader writes: I attended the TED2 conference back in 1990, and wrote at length about the experience in a series of posts on The WELL conferencing system. This was pre-web. And The WELL lost its backups. As did I. Until I found a printout this summer...

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