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by niado (#46664745) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: the State of Open CS, IT, and DBA Courseware in 2014?

WGU looks like a decent deal. How are they with the computer science fundamentals or are they just a code school?

The curriculum really looks like a glorified "code school", but at least they're affordably priced. For someone who just wants the bach to get past the HR filter, I imagine it could be decent, but I do worry if they're skimping on algorithms/design to focus on a certs based degree. I admit that for some, that's all that's necessary.

WGU is essentially a vocational school that is accredited to award bachelor's and master's degrees - which, as you say, is what many people need. Most of their IT degrees do not cover any computer science to speak of, and they don't pretend to. Their degrees are "Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology" with various concentrations - network administration, network design and management, security, etc.

WGU hasn't released the program guide for their new "software development" degree yet, but their current "Software concentration" degree is very light on theory, and contains several practical IT certifications. I expect the software development degree will be a variant of this.

You're just not going to get a strong "computer science" degree at a cheap online school. In my opinion this isn't much of an issue, since most IT career paths really just require a vocational education anyway. Most people don't really care about CS theory (and most don't really need to) - they just want skills that are applicable to a job.

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Western Governor's University and Excelsior (both non-profit) are the best online options, especially if you want self-paced. They are both very cost-effective and regionally accredited. You should check out the details of the programs that each offers to see if they provide what you want. I know WGU's IT programs are very solid, but I'm not sure about their software development options. I know they just recently added a Software Development concentration option for a Bachelor's degree, but the program guide hasn't been posted yet so I'm not sure of the exact courses offered.

If you end up getting your bachelor's, Georgia Tech now offers their well-respected MS in CS degree online. The admissions requirements are stricter than the online-only schools, but not too onerous.

If you don't really want a degree, but would like some formal training, Stanford and MIT both have strong no-credit open course ware offerings - they also have paid-for online certificate programs.

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unless the Uni was bluffing, none of them have gone behind my back to get the transcripts, either.

The University cannot release your records to anyone without your consent. You usually have to actually make the transcript request yourself, and tell the school to send it directly to your company's HR.

Looks like you've been lucky so far.

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After a brief review, this (WGU) actually sounds very promising. Fully accredited, work at your own pace, cheap (~$3,000 per 6-month term), liberal acceptance of transfer credits, acceptance of industry standard certifications for degree credit, credit given for anything/everything you can test out of, and an interesting non-traditional, non-class-based program of study. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of this one before. Thanks.

I'm surprised how many people haven't heard of WGU. I hadn't heard of it until shortly before I enrolled there. Their marketing seems poor.

It's one of the few solutions that meet your criteria - since you can technically complete your degree in 6 months (depending on what you can get transferred in) for $3k - the kicker being that the school is regionally accredited.

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I don't know why people keep blathering about this. There are a lot of options out there for the 'phone-only' phones.

A quick google search brings up a recent top-10 list which reveals several decent choices. A couple of exames are: Samsung gusto 2 available for Verizon and Samsung Entro for Virgin Mobile.

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You're using the wrong definition of "progressive" here. You're thinking of the political ideology Progressivism. The summary (I haven't read the article yet) seems to be referring to a tax mechanic called progressive taxation. Progressive taxation means that the higher income levels pay a higher proportion of the taxes (the theory being because they can afford to do so). This is how most modern tax systems work. An example of this would be income tax in the US.

This is the opposite of a "regressive tax", which has a disproportionate impact on the lower income levels. An example of this is a sales tax on necessities (food, clothing, gas, etc.). Regressive taxation is usually considered to be detrimental and in many cases untenable.

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It's predominantly an online multiplayer game. LAN gaming is a very small segment of the SC2 player base. The dramatically vast majority of playtime on SC2 is in online multiplayer.

You can play single-player offline, as others have mentioned, but it's still DRM'd and you have to either crack it or activate it.

There are certainly gamers, such as yourself, that would like a completely non-DRM'd version, but the demand is very low.

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They only list the schools that they can verify receive public funds. There are a very large number of religion-affiliated private schools who may or may not teach fringe ideas in their curriculum. Where I live there are a lot of very small schools that are affiliated with a specific church and teach whatever they want.

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It sounds like you may have an undiagnosed learning disability.

Many of the big universities and colleges in the United States provide accommodations for students with learning disabilities, such as being allowed to take 2x regular time to finish exams and quizzes, as well as some kind of support regarding the doing of homework and studying. To obtain such accommodations, you would have to go to your institution's "learning disability center" (unfortunately, there is no standardized name for it), fill out some paperwork and get examined/tested to determine if indeed you do have a disability, and if so, what accommodations would be appropriate/fair to be given you. They will probably also be able to advise you on the kind of medial treatment you might need.

This is almost exactly what I was going to post. If you cannot memorize the multiplication tables (generally considered a trivial tasks for adults) then you have some more-or-less serious problem that is dramatically impacting you intellectually. The only modification to the above would be to perhaps see a physician first (start with a general practitioner). You could have any number of treatable conditions that might respond well to medication or behavioral modification. This is especially the case considering your history of what you describe as a "childhood sleep disorder".

This is not to say that you are any less "intelligent" or "smart" than your peers, so please do not take this the wrong way. Your potential could be very high, you just might need outside assistance to reach it.

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The so-called "Battle of Athens" was not an armed insurrection against the US Government - it was an armed encounter vs. a, by all accounts, extremely corrupt local government whose activities seemed to mirror that of a small organized crime conglomerate.

There were no US government forces involved, nor was the national guard mobilized by the Governor of Tennessee.

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