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Journal: UK Bound 3

Journal by nfotxn

I'm off to the UK until January. I leave on the 20th from Pierson to Heathrow then to Calais via the Chunnel.

I'm very excited.


Journal: Hop to it

Journal by nfotxn

School is on hold. I'm on Effexor, an anti-depressant and feeling much better. Just got over a cold (maybe it was THE EVIL SARS?).

Guess that's all.

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Journal: First snow this year (sorta)

Journal by nfotxn

Today came to a slow start, that's for sure. Missed my Doctor's appointment which is gonna cost me some absurd amount of money like $50.


Just idling at school right now in the hum of the computer lab. It's definitely nicer than the weather outside has been. The first snow fell today, albeit wet snow that melted on contact with the ground. A little bit of hail too. I'm gonna finish my essay on weblogs now.

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Journal: Giving it a try

Journal by nfotxn

I'm really struggling at school lately. Not so much with the material but with the boring routine that goes along with it. The long 1-2hrs commute really doesn't seem worth it. So lately I'm staying up all night goofing around on IM/IRC or what have you and waking up to late.

I gotta change this, I'll post tomorrow and see if I make some headway. Hopefully I can get back on track before the repercussions are too severe.

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