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Comment: Glowing Cousin (Score 2) 181

by newsman220 (#41544125) Attached to: Bruce Perens: The Day I Blundered Into the Nuclear Facility
I have family who lived in and around Oak Ridge in the 50's. Some of them got booted to make way for the plant. Legend has it one cousin was a technician at the plant, walking around with his clipboard up when he went through the wrong door. He stopped walking, looked down, and realized he was standing at the edge of the pool with the nuclear pile in it. He described the same blue glow. Dropped the clipboard, quit his job and moved to the Bahamas to track satellites for NASA.

Comment: Now, the Predators come (Score 2) 156

by newsman220 (#38941481) Attached to: Lake Vostok Reached
According to the Daily Mail ( this morning, the Russian team has been out of contact for a week. An American scientist says they're probably just busy. Busy incubating aliens, more likely.

Comment: Re:Name revealed (Score 1) 890

by newsman220 (#38765514) Attached to: Police Investigate Offensive Wi-Fi Network Name
And popular knowledge invalidates actual fact how? Yes, that's how people learned about it. That's how I learned about it. It wasn't until a couple of months ago that it came up in conversation in a way which prompted me to look up when it was actually invented. And then I learned I everything I thought I knew about Festivus was wrong... I'm not saying interrupt every conversation about Festivus with a lecture on its origins. Nobody wants to be that guy, except the people who already are. But an amusing anecdote that one of the Seinfeld writer's fathers invented it, leading his son to pour it out on the Constanze family as a form of therapy, might be well received.

Comment: Don't pick a fight (Score 5, Interesting) 419

by newsman220 (#38507656) Attached to: PR Firm Unwisely Tangles With Penny Arcade
with people who buy ink by the barrel. That's an old saying about fighting newspapers. What's the best way to update that for the internet? "Don't pick a fight with people who have huge daily unique views." "Don't pick a fight with people whose backlinks beat 5 digits." Help me out here.

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