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by newsdee (#47169475) Attached to: Sony Winding Down the PSP

(reposting as I accidentally sent AC)

There are several Linux/Android based handhelds which are exactly this. It started with the GP32 and GP2X (later Wiz / Canoo) and they gained quite a following. Today the alternatives are the NVidia Shield (bulky, but has Android on a powerful GPU) , and the planned successor of the OpenPandora (this one didn't do well due to production issues).

Problem with the above was snobs saying their PSP/NDS could do all that. Kind of true, but the difference is these are completely open platforms. No dedicated (good) first-party games though.

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The Zenbook has one major flaw: the screen is TN instead of IPS (MacBook Air), and costs more.
For the price difference you can actually buy a Window7 to install on the MacBook, so in the end, you pay the same for a better screen.

I read somewhere Asus will release Zenbooks with IPS - those might change things.
In any case, always do a side-by-side comparison at a store before buying.

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Some months ago I was on the brink of buying an Asus Zenbook, but ended up with a MBA because of the screen.

On paper the Zenbook looked great, but in the store I noticed the screen was TN and looked dismal compared to the IPS of the Apple.
I'm a Windows guy, but the Zenbook suddenly felt cheap, and I wanted to go back home with a light laptop.

So I bought the MBA, slapped WIn7 on it and been very happy with it since.
(kept OSX in a tiny partition for support/backup, and installed 3rd party drivers for functionality not available from vanilla Boot Camp).

Comment: how much damage can an iPhone take (Score 1) 422

by newsdee (#31292834) Attached to: What Has Your Phone Survived?

The iPhone has a glass screen that is very prone to cracking. I imagine it's a case of form over function, since glass looks nicer than plastic. It's not so pretty if ever the phone falls on a hard surface flat on the screen. This means an iPhone won't survive the ninja powers of a 2-year old who managed to grab your phone when you least expected it, to use as a hand grenade...

Also, for some stupid reason the screen was designed in such a way that changing it means also replacing the digitizer (the touch pad - glued to it) so you end up paying quite a pretty penny for repairs (between 1/3 and 1/2 of the price of the phone!).

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One feature that I don't see mentioned in this discussion is the ability to read graphics files out of .zip or .cbz archives. The standard e-reader screen (6-7 inches) is not very good for Letter or A4 sized color comics, but works very well for black & white manga. As far as I know, only the iRiver kindle can read .zip and .cbz for this purpose, but there are probably other readers out there with the same ability?

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I know the whole thing is probably not to be taken too seriously, but looking at the paper I would say there are at least a couple of shaky assumptions.

First he's defining a rate of people who live in London. That ignores people moving in or out, or even people willing to move closer. So the figure should be higher I think.

Then he mentions he will only find 5% of "physically attractive" candidates. In other words, he is limiting himself outside of 2 times the standard deviation of the population. That's a really sample of the population. In other words, guy's too picky :-)

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Actually that's a great point. If pixel resolution can be made fine enough, why bother with one big LCD panel + active glasses, when you could just stream to a couple of small displays in front of your eyes?

Some of those already exist (they can also serve as portable DVD players), but they're quite pricey. I guess once there is a lot of 3D media available, those players they will become more common. They can't be too difficult to manufacture to existing small LCD resolutions (perhaps not full HD but good enough for SD).

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