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Comment: Re:it's just a platform (Score 1) 286

by newbish (#36159892) Attached to: Miguel De Icaza Forms New Mono Company: Xamarin
For me as a programmer, the rally against Mono makes no sense. Also have you considered that maybe the other versions of ERP software that were available were either worse or much more expensive? There is nothing in .NET that limits use to IE if that's done then you have the vendor to blame not the technology. I work with an set of (very expensive) Oracle products every day that utilize JSP (Java Server Pages) and until a few months ago the only browser supported was IE 7.

+ - iPhone: Soon to be iPwnd?->

Submitted by
newbish writes "If you receive a text message on your iPhone any time after Thursday afternoon containing only a single square character, Charlie Miller would suggest you turn the device off. Quickly. That small cipher will likely be your only warning that someone has taken advantage of a bug that Miller and his fellow cybersecurity researcher Collin Mulliner plan to publicize Thursday at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas. Using a flaw they've found in the iPhone's handling of text messages, the researchers say they'll demonstrate how to send a series of mostly invisible SMS bursts that can give a hacker complete power over any of the smart phone's functions. That includes dialing the phone, visiting Web sites, turning on the device's camera and microphone and, most importantly, sending more text messages to further propagate a mass-gadget hijacking."
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