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Submission + - Sony attempts to trademark "Let's Play"

An anonymous reader writes: Why is it that kids these days spend days upon days watching people play video games on Youtube and Twitch when they could spend those days playing games themselves? While we may never find out why, Let's Plays are an established part of today's gaming ecosystem, and the publishers want their piece of the pie.

Nintendo lost love by forcefully taking the proceeds from ad revenue on Youtube for its videos, but Sony... never settling for second-best... has recently filed to trademark the phrase. I don't know what's more surprising: Sony's audacity to grab a phrase with recorded usage as far back as 2007... or that EA didn't think of it first.

Submission + - China to Impose Export Control on High Tech Drones and Supercomputers (

hackingbear writes: Following similar hi-tect export restriction policies in the U.S. (or perhaps in response to the U.S. ban on China,) China will impose export control on some drones and high performance computers starting on August 15th, according to an announcement published on Friday by China's Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs. The ban includes (official documents in Chinese) drone that can take off in wind speed exceeding 46.4km/hour or can continuously fly for over 1 hour as well as electronic components specifically designed or modified for supercomputers with speed over 8 petaflops. Companies must acquire specific permits before exporting such items. Drones and supercomputers are the two areas where China is the leader or among the top players. China is using its rapidly expanding defense budget to make impressive advances in (military) drone technology, prompting some to worry that the United States' global dominance in the market could soon be challenged. The tightening of regulations comes two weeks after an incident in disputed Kashmir in which the Pakistani army claimed to have shot down an Indian "spy drone", reportedly Chinese-made. China's 33-petaflops Tianhe-2, currently the fastest supercomputer in the world, while still using Intel Xeon processors, takes use of the home-grown interconnect, arguably the most important component of modern supercomputers.

Submission + - Facebook Finally Ends XMPP Support For 3rd Party Chat.

AcquaCow writes: Facebook has been pushing their Messenger app to all devices, requiring it for chatting with friends and family. It was announced last year that they would be ending their chat API and that the service would end on April 30, 2015. April passed, so did May, but the serviced remained functional. Finally, as of July 7th, 2015 it has not been possible to connect to This doesn't seem to be an outage at this point...Looks like we have to wait for 3rd party messenger apps to adopt support for Facebook's Platform API v2 to allow new connectivity.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 226

Morons like you should learn how to read. I never said that they were my ideas of property and wealth. I was commenting on the convenient re-defining of "theft" to exclude oneself from moral censure. Grow a brain.

Comment Re: Warning!!! (Score 1) 116

You realize that you just made me google confirmation bias on a Friday night? I'm sorry, don't see your point.

I wasn't saying that I was wise enough to know who is on the right side of history, just that there is a right side on every issue, and what is right doesn't change regardless of how many people agree with it at any given time

Comment Re: Warning!!! (Score 1) 116

I take "the right side of history" to mean the side that promoted right over wrong, as considered at some later date.

This does assume that right and wrong exist, and that we can tell the difference between them. 100 years ago, there would have been a small minority of people on the right side of history vis-a-vi gay rights, but it would still have been the right side of history.

Submission + - 9th. Century salve proves more effective against MRSA than modern antibiotics

newbie_fantod writes: "Take cropleek and garlic, of both equal quantities, pound them well together take wine and bullocks gall, mix with the leek let it stand nine days in the brass vessel"

This ancient remedy for a stye (itself, caused by bacterial infection) turns out to be extremely effective at killing Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) — a particularly hardy Super-Bug.

Take equal parts of New Scientist (, and the Beeb ( to learn more.

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