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Comment Feeding the Popularity Trolls! (Score 2) 100

The entire concept of Currency (Money), is the equalizer between dis-similar trades, and needs. Money allows someone like a woman's dress designer to purchase eggs from a local farmer, who is a man; and doesn't have any interest nor value given to the Dress design market. In effect, this currency idea would make the dress designer's currency "worth less" to those outside his/her circle. One can not survive solely within their single production circle. And I wouldn't want my currency (Computer Stuff) to be worthless to a butcher; I love BBQ.

And at worst, this reputation "Currency" further extends the High School like Popularity circles, and social hierarchies; many on this site thought laughable at the time. And the majority of us are glad to be rid of. Furthermore, it creates an ongoing social eliteism you can't escape, as your currency is tied to it.

Submission + - Hewlett Packard Turns Buggy Software and Firmware Into a Revenue Stream!

neversleepy writes: In the face of ever declining server sales. And in a move certian to affect many readers here, Hewlett Packard decides to provide updates to firmware and critical OS drivers only to customers who pay a premium for a CarePack, extended service contract. If this affects you negatively, try telling Hewlett Packard what you think about payola for hardware bug fixes.

Or maybe, the time is right to abandon vanity servers?

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