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Comment: Re:Solution looking for a problem? (Score 2) 166

by nevermore94 (#49547493) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

I don't know what the Apple Watch can do for you, but I have loved my Moto 360 watch since I got it last year. I can quickly view/dismiss notifications, appointments, and calls without taking out my phone, Track my steps and heart rate throughout the day, and many others things, plus it is an attractive timepiece with an infinitely customizable face that is far more useful than my previous watch which cost a lot more.

Comment: Re:They needed a freakin lawsuite ! (Score 2) 279

by nevermore94 (#49529841) Attached to: German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal

Apparently, and the other thing that they don't seem to understand is that if I am the type of person who would take the time and effort to install an ad blocker, I am probably not going to look at or click on their ads anyway even if I could not block them, so in essence I am doing them a favor and saving them bandwidth.
If they don't want me seeing their content without also seeing their ads, then they can just block my ad blocking browser and I will go elsewhere.

Comment: Re:Go Dell (Score 1) 385

by nevermore94 (#49286773) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Choosing a Laptop To Support Physics Research?

People who aren't cheap I guess? My current laptop is an ASUS with an aluminum body, a 15.6" FHD touch screen, nVidia graphics, Intel i7, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD main drive and 1TB 7200 rpm secondary drive. I paid around $1800 for it on 10/1/2013 and it will still trounce any cheap laptop. The only compromise I made was on the drives. My next one will have at least 1TB of SSD. I usually buy a new one every few years or so and consider it a minimum 3 year investment. If it is still useful after that time, then bonus!

Comment: Re:WTF? (Score 1) 118

by nevermore94 (#49089555) Attached to: New Android Trojan Fakes Device Shut Down, Spies On Users

It all comes to your choice in phones and if they have a locked boot loader (or an unlockable one) or not. Phones without one like Nexus devices, Google Play Editions, or my personal favorite the Moto X Developer Edition are simple to root and don't even require ROMing. My Verizon Moto X Dev has even stayed rooted through 3 Over The Air updates without having to do anything special.

Comment: I love my Moto 360. (Score 1) 232

by nevermore94 (#48629025) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Can I Really Do With a Smart Watch?

By default I get texts and emails on my watch, can set reminders and alarms and text by voice, and of course answer and dismiss calls which is surprising useful with a BT ear piece. But with some good apps like Coffee I can easily send texts, with a custom face I can see my steps and weather outside at a glance (important where I live in the winter). I hardly take out my phone a fraction as much as I used to except to type long texts or emails or occasional web browsing.

Comment: Re:Unlimited = No Sharing (Score 1) 209

FoxFi has long been the defacto standard for non-root tether apps but whether it works varies by phone. But, I honestly haven't used it in ages as I always just root my phones (last 4). It was so easy to root my Moto X Dev that I have never looked back. But, even having the ability, I rarely use it. I just occasionally connect to my phone with my Android tablet, but never with a PC.

Comment: Not the best, but it was my first (Score 1) 146

by nevermore94 (#46704919) Attached to: Born To RUN: Dartmouth Throwing BASIC a 50th B-Day Party

BASIC may not be the best programming language, far from it, but it was my first and it gave me the love of programming that lead to where I am today. I got my first TRS Color Computer 2 when I was 10 for Christmas and I will never forget typing in my first example program (and saving it on a tape) and then starting to experiment and figure out what else I could do with this wonder. From there I upgraded to a CoCo 3 and eventually QuickBASIC on a PC. With that I wrote an AI program that got me to an International Science & Engineering Fair. From there I went on to college to major in CS and learn some real languages. I have been programming in Java for some time now and am now moving into Android development. But, it all started with BASIC on my CoCo and I will always remember it fondly.

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