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Comment: one more to the end of the world (Score 0) 529

by nevbear666 (#41736631) Attached to: Third 2012 US Presidential Debate Tonight: Discuss Here
seen the debate... i am not angry on the us, and i am not happy either... i feel pitty ive heard leader, one of the candidates mistakenly saying iraq again while iran was ment, quarreling over how to lead the world best. i am speechless now, and i am feeling sorry for you guys that you, and we as a planet have to cope with that.

+ - Austrian internet users initiative starting petiti->

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nevbear666 writes "The "Austrian internet users" initiative has started a petition against data retention after it passed through the parliament in a late night meeting in april, every austrian and non-austrian is allowed to sign it, so if you feel that data retention on everyone is the wrong thing to do, feel free to sign the petition under the link provided (the petition is in german, but google translate may work well on it)."
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Comment: A realistic look at coding as of today (Score 1) 1127

by nevbear666 (#27566359) Attached to: Worst Working Conditions You Had To Write Code In?
I think your case is a special, but ive had other situations as a coder... its not so much for the things provided, but after all, coding, or brain work is not like switching something on or off, there are day to day differences in how your mind and brain works... alot of companies and customers tend to think that coding is like clicking the start button in windows, which one might also do, when having two double whiskeys behind him... i think we as a society need to learn alot till such things are outgrowing...

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