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Comment: Re:In other words (Score 1) 263

by neurovish (#49822029) Attached to: Netflix Is Experimenting With Advertising

Yeah, just like their heads span when people left them when they decided to both raise fees and drop all decent programming by going streaming only.

All of these moves are coldly calculated. They will win no matter what, your departure will not make anything spin I assure you. They are an essentially zero competition industry. They will become progressively more and more evil until someone else comes to market, but they have a massive head start, and I haven't even heard rumors about competition other than Amazon, but they're nowhere close.

Their heads were spinning for a few quarters after that. The stock tanked and took awhile to recover. Although that just means that if they can weather a few terrible quarters, then people will eventually return. The competition is starting to increase dramatically with HBO Go, so maybe there is hope yet.

Comment: Re:I'd like to see the environmental nightmare die (Score 1) 369

by neurovish (#49646821) Attached to: Keurig Stock Drops, Says It Was Wrong About DRM Coffee Pods

I don't understand why people continue to buy those overpriced pieces of plastic

For the same reason you see these same people with 2 x crates of over priced bottled water in their cart.
I don't understand it either.

Their municipal water supply is flouridated and they want to keep the commies out of their precious bodily fluids?

Comment: Re:Consider the source... (Score 1) 65

by neurovish (#49646309) Attached to: Top Cyber Attack Vectors For Critical SAP Systems

I do not disagree at all that SAP sucks. I work for a large retailer and sit right next to the SAP guys. I've never seen such a miserable lot. Daily banging their heads against one stupid SAP issue after another and always complaining about SAP support being completely useless.

I'm just not sure I buy the 95% of installs are horribly insecure claims coming from a company that's only product is securing SAP.

You might get a laugh out of this then, one of the SAP guys came to me yesterday asking if one of the ECC servers can receive email. I asked him why the ECC server needs to read email, and he just said it was on this checklist he had and would have to see what the reason was. I don't think he even realized how preposterous his question was.

Comment: Shit article (Score 1) 65

by neurovish (#49646265) Attached to: Top Cyber Attack Vectors For Critical SAP Systems

What a useless article. The only content is that evil hackers leverage vulnerabilities to gain access to companies' SAP systems. Well, no shit sherlock. SAP is a mess and barely works under normal conditions, so anybody VP-level and above freaks out at the mere mention of touching anything on them. Of course they're going to have patching windows > 18 months.

Comment: Re:Is negotiation a skill required for the job? (Score 1) 892

When is the last time you negotiated prices at the grocery store? Yes, there are places where you can do so, but the prices then get determined almost entirely by the relative skill of the hagglers, rather than the actual value of the merchandise. "Market pricing" is an almost completely unrelated phenomena determined by the intersection of supply and demand curves for commodity-scale trading.

Of course there are other options as well to try to get the best of both worlds - transparent salaries for one: put everybodies salary on their name plaque and you'll get a lot of disgruntled workers if you let Frank' superior haggling skills earn him a substantial pay raise, despite him being the office slacker.

Does that include shopping at another competing store where Item X costs less?

Comment: Re:Managers need an algorithm for that? (Score 1) 210

- Have they turned up in a suit one day when they normally where jeans and t-shirt and disappear off for an extra long lunchbreak?
- Have they started arriving late and leaving early?
- Do they skip meetings more often?
- Have they hinted about a payrise in the last assessment?
- Has their work quality gone off a cliff and they spend most of the day on social media or youtube?

If YES is the answer to 2 or more of those then yes, probably they're looking to leave.

Yeah, that's pretty much how it goes. I don't normally wear jeans to work though.

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