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Comment Re:ceph (Score 2) 219

we use Ceph, its fast, redundant, and crazy scalable, oh did i mention free (paid support)?

Personally I've been using Ceph for the last few years myself. It has to be one of the best DFS's I've ever used. It includes security, speed, easy to expand by adding additional nodes. The free part was great. I found it looking through the repos one day. You can even tie it into other projects such as Hadoop (at least I recall reading it had a plug in a couple years ago).

Great product!

Comment Re:Nice to know... (Score 2) 112

It's nice to know that money can't always buy government representatives all the time.

Too many people hated Concast for this to work. Had it gone through, well.... I'm fairly certain there would have been a black hole knocked off course or something somewhere :-)

Honestly they've simply pissed off way to many people. They have a serious PR issue which has lasted for years and they were arrogant enough to believe it wasn't going to prevent this from happening.

Personally I'm pleased and hope for more (not less) competition in the Industry.

Yeah I know. That's a tough wish. maybe I'll go find a Buddha belly and rub it for good luck :D

Comment Re:The antivaxers will ignore this... (Score 1) 341

Same thing with any group that has an agenda to push. Support and praise science when it supports your views/goals, discredit it any way possible when it conflicts with your views/goals. Business (Or politics) as usual.

And we all know how reliable science has been throughout history.

The world is still round btw.. right? ;-)

Comment Re:Passed Time (Score 2) 135

What are you, in law enforcement? This is a story about warrantless collection of DNA in a rape case. Not everyone is a rapist. How far do we let police intrude into people's lives who HAVE NOT committed any crime? How far can they intrude into your life without probable cause to believe you committed a particular crime? Should they be allowed to scan though your house walls? If you let infrared light seep out of your house, that is your problem! Should they be allowed to read all your emails? Oh, if you send your emails using weak encryption procedures through a third party, that is your problem! Should they be allowed to listen to all of your phone calls? Same principle.

The theory is we're supposed to be a free and open society. But not so open that those who have not committed a crime should have their information (DNA or whatever) stored in a database. We're supposed to have protection from government intrusion, at least that's part of what the Constitution was trying to prevent. We're supposed to be secure in our person and property. At least that's where DNA is getting very iffy lately. It's part of OUR Person..

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Comment I don't purchase UbiSoft products anymore (Score 1) 468

Been many years since I've purchased a UbiSoft product. Too many headaches with them loading up software that protects their product and trashes my computer. Even if this isn't a current practice, I've learned my lesson and no longer purchase their products as a result. Hearing this story I'm not surprised there are more problems with the company practices. It only reinforces my past experience with the company. And I certainly will not be customer anytime in the future.

UbiSoft has major cleaning up to perform. I wish them well....

Comment Re:Worse service? (Score 1) 448

Worse service? Than a cable company? I'm 99.99% sure that is impossible.

Especially considering cable companies (such as Concast) have been fighting for the worst company in America award year after year.

After having experienced Concast for several years, I honestly can say I don't miss them and their service. Today my family has a 60Meg down with 20 Meg up internet connection. I'm paying $60 a month for it as well. We have yet to break 250 Gigs in a month in usage and that's WITH Netflix, hulu, Amazon Prime, gaming, youtube, torrenting, you name it.

Worse service? At least cable companies are really good at defining what that is so we can learn and demand better from the other providers.

Concast free since 2007!!

Comment Re:It was us? (Score 1) 197

Well.. Ummm... So the CIA is taking credit for a flying device which moves at MACH speeds and changes directions on a dime? Seriously?

No, they aren't taking credit for the imaginary sightings, only the actual ones.

Nice to know the CIA is responsible for the reports going back hundreds of years into the past. Truly remarkable those CIA guys....

Comment Re:What are you downloading? (Score 1) 355

Out of pure curiosity, what are you doing that gets you up to >150 GB per month?

I can answer this. Since my experience with Concast in 2007 I've been monitoring ALL my traffic and recording it. Now I'm averaging around 125-180 gigs a month according to vnstat depending on the month

What are we doing?

Streaming hulu
Streaming Amazon Prime videos and now music
Video games
Streaming music
Streaming Internet everything

And we have a large family on kindle fires plus several computers. After monitoring in detail our network usage I find it's not all that unusual for a highly technical family to be hitting that munch monthly.

Comment Re:I like... (Score 1) 643

Whether they get a "good deal" on the military equipment isn't the point. Does any of that unneeded equipment cost more than a camera? Then get the camera instead.

Isn't it? Pricing out the "good deal" they received on the military equipment. I'm sure it's far more expensive than your common body camera. Selling some of this unnecessary equipment would cover the cost easily.

Comment Not a data cap? (Score 1) 341

" cough cough BullS**T "


Sure feels like one to me and my family when they terminated our internet in 2007. And yes we used it for all sorts of services including Hulu and other streaming services. Not a data cap? Yeah right. Tell that to the other 6 people in my neighborhood who were ALSO disconnected within a couple months of us!

7 years Concast free. And loving it!

(Currently using CenturyLink with 40 Meg + package which includes 20 meg up)

Comment Re:Ain't that a bitch? (Score 1) 65

So should OUR private info receive similar handling by unauthorized people, would the justice system give the same consideration or is this just for high ranking figures such as the Bushs.

Yeah I know the answer. But asking the question as I believe we would have minimal justice for the same crime against everyday people if we were lucky.

Comment Sure why not (Score 1) 339

Now if only companies such as Concast would allow people to experience that "rich multimedia Internet" I keep reading about rather than terminate people's internet because "they used it too much" then we could go down this road without being hassled for using the service we purchased.

But then again, when you are a monopoly (or near monopoly) why would you care?

Pft. I buy DVD's and blu ray disks more than ever now. Streaming from Amazon Prime and Netflix over a provider who's up front with the terms of the contract rather than hiding it. I know how much I can use and I track all traffic through my firewall using vnstat.

If we were to stream all content we receive it would easily blow through the monthly limits these guys have imposed. Not hard to do especially these days.

Comment Violent video games? You're kidding me! (Score 1) 350

If violent video games are the reason this stuff is happening then those around me would have cause to worry.

I've been playing games of that type since I was in Jr. High School over 30 years ago. When I play those games yes it's entertaining and fun however in real life I know the difference between defending my life and those around me and taking lives like these crazed shooters we've been reading about in the news.

That said, I guess it boils down to the comments made by Rep. Jason Chaffetz where the real problem isn't with those who are responsible with guns (such as myself). The problem is with those who are mentally unstable having access to guns. Looking at the last few articles about these shooters I have the feeling they definitely have issues which need addressing still. I agree with Rep Chaffetz that to reduce these issues we need to address how these people are handled.

BTW, I am a gun owner and have a CCP and have additional training in the use of my guns. As a private citizen I felt it was irresponsible for me NOT to have a gun especially since in my lifetime my family has had two incidents where they were in mortal danger and the police were not just around the corner. And since SCOTUS said it isn't the responsibility of the police to safeguard my family but to be a deterrent and clean up the mess that it's my responsibility and only mine to protect my family.

So now we have guns, bullets and training. It's the only way to protect us from becoming the next victim on FOX news.

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