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+ - Apple has something to prove at developers conference->

Submitted by edwardaki
edwardaki (2946509) writes "On the service side, the company appears ready to announce the iRadio streaming service after a week of furious deal-making with record labels. This week, sources confirmed that Apple had agreements with the three big music labels: Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music. The sources were not authorized to speak on the record. The new service is said to be an ad-based, free streaming music service. It represents a major new step for Apple, which practically invented the digital download market for music."
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+ - AT&T cellphone customers in Taloga wonder where their signal went->

Submitted by edwardaki
edwardaki (2946509) writes "Cole said he's willing to give AT&T some time to fix the problem. Other carriers offer service in the area, but Cole said he's on a family plan. He can't drop his service when the rest of his family doesn't have any problems. Connie Smith, who works at the Dewey County Courthouse in Taloga, said she and fellow AT&T customers are growing frustrated. She often hears it from landmen from out of town who come to the courthouse to search property records but can't check their emails or take calls on their phones."
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+ - Legal defintions of 'computer' and 'sound recording'->

Submitted by John Allsup
John Allsup (987) writes "I have been reading through copyright law (UK, since that is where I live) and have noticed that they talk about 'sound recording's and yet never define them clearly in the context of digital information. Is there are non-absurd legal definition of 'sound recording' that makes sense in the age of the modern digital computer? I began thinking this through whilst writing content for a lightweight wikiwiki site."
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+ - NASA's "Opportunity" Rover Finds New Evidence For Once-Habitable Mars->

Submitted by nedko.m
nedko.m (2939079) writes "NASA's Mars rover 'Opportunity' found clay minerals in an ancient rock on the rim of the Endeavour Crater on Mars. The discovery suggests that neutral-pH water — slightly salty, and neither too acidic nor too alkaline for life — once flowed through the area, probably during the first billion years of Martian history. Opportunity's latest discovery fits well with one made recently on the other side of the planet by the rover's bigger, younger cousin Curiosity, which found strong evidence that its landing site could have supported microbial life in the ancient past. Such observations could help scientists map out Mars' transition from a relatively warm and wet world long ago to the cold and dry planet we know today"
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+ - Facebook suffers actual cloud in the datacenter->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Register carries the funniest, most topical IT story of the year :

Facebook's first data center ran into problems of a distinctly ironic nature when a literal cloud formed in the IT room and started to rain on servers.

Though Facebook has previously hinted at this via references to a "humidity event" within its first data center in Prineville, Oregon, the social network's infrastructure king Jay Parikh told The Reg on Thursday that, for a few minutes in Summer, 2011, Facebook's data center contained two clouds: one powered the social network, the other poured water on it."

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Comment: Re:Physical access? (Score 1) 59

by net28573 (#42311901) Attached to: Researchers Convert Phones Into Secret Listening Devices
Concerning the likelihood as to whether or not it would matter to anyone personally or allow the culprit to be identified: Most hardware keyloggers leave no personally identifiable information aside from scannable memory partitions however, in order to access those partitions you need to know a key combo. Without the key might as well have nothing, you also have to be aware that it is a keylogger in the first place before anything else. Who honestly checks their usb/ps2 ports more than once a week every week for the occasional tinkering?

+ - Get Completely Safe Fake Diploma->

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claysam24 writes "See your future shifting with fake diploma and degree now! Department of Education and verify position of the potential school that they are there or offline.
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+ - Mozilla Makes Prototype of Firefox OS Available->

Submitted by Thinkcloud
Thinkcloud (1901664) writes "Even though the operating system hasn't arrived in a version for smartphones and tablets just yet, it is available as a prototype module that you can run on Windows, Mac or Linux computers. The initial Firefox OS phones are expected to arrive in 2013, and it's been reported that Alcatel and ZTE are the first manufacturers on board."
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+ - IBM supercomputer used to simulate a typical human brain->

Submitted by cylonlover
cylonlover (1921924) writes "The human brain, arguably the most complex object in the known universe, is a truly remarkable power-saver: it can simultaneously gather thousands of sensory inputs, interpret them in real time as a whole and react appropriately, abstracting, learning, planning and inventing, all on a strict power budget of about 20 W. Using the world's fastest supercomputer and a new scalable, ultra-low power computer architecture, IBM has simulated 530 billion neurons and 100 trillion synapses – matching the numbers of the human brain – in an important step toward creating a true artificial brain."
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+ - Profile poisoning the next frontier for web attacks? -> 1

Submitted by
chicksdaddy writes "Google and Facebook already know everything about you – your interests, friends, tastes and even your movements. That’s a privacy nightmare. But researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Information Security Center (GTISC) think it could soon be a security nightmare, also.

According to Georgia Tech's “Emerging Cyber Threats Reports 2013, automated information systems could soon become a powerful tool in the hands of sophisticated attackers, who will look for ways to manipulate victims’ online profile — a kind of super SEO poisoning attack — that will steer them to certain (malicious) sites.

“If you compromise a computer, the victim can always switch to a clean machine and your attack is over,” said Wenke Lee, a professor at Georgia Tech’s College of Computing and director of the GTISC in the report. “If you compromise a user’s search history and hence his online profile, the victim gets the malicious search results no matter where he logs in from.""

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