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nesfreak64's Journal: ASUS EEE $199 Laptop not in US

Journal by nesfreak64

Word comes in that the once inexpensive laptop is now about the same price as a used one...

ASUS $199 Laptop. Now up to $399, and the cheaper model will not be available

Is it just me, or did the hope of an inexpensive laptop go out the window? Don't get me wrong, I know $299 and $399 is cheaper then usual, but for that price, I could buy a full fledged used laptop, with 25 GBs of HDD space...

Maybe something else will come up. I liked these for the sheer fact that I am a writer and wanted something to work on, when I can't lug my thinkpad with me...

Oh well...

Sauce: http://asuseeehacks.blogspot.com/2007/08/new-details-of-upcoming-asus-eee-pc.html/

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ASUS EEE $199 Laptop not in US

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