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Submission + - Ping the world (

nereid666 writes: "An amazing experiment shows that to send a single icmp echo to all the ip adresses of the world costs only 10hours on a normal server, and the results are interesting too, A 7% of adresses answer to this pings."

Submission + - Online Medical Marketing (

jimpiamos writes: "Premium SEO services for medical practices across Toronto and GTA. We will deliver you results so that you have more patient bookings and you will have no empty patient waiting area."

Comment Truecrypt TCO (Score 3, Interesting) 242

Does it cost Truecrypt TCO $403 year? for a company with fewer of 50 employees? I know Trucrypt don't have, enterprise functionality, like admin and user password, integration with identity management, but I thik 403$ year only in support and maintenance, using this opensource and free solution. And It is very difficult to meause the value of the information of a laptop.

Comment Re:Availability zones (Score 2) 112

Availability Zones are distinct locations that are engineered to be insulated from failures in other Availability Zones and provide inexpensive, low latency network connectivity to other Availability Zones in the same Region. By launching instances in separate Availability Zones, you can protect your applications from failure of a single location.

Better than use different region, I think it is better have multiple cloud providers...

Comment Availability zones (Score 1) 112

What is more scaring for me, is that Amazon tell you that they have multiple availavility zones on each zone, and recomends you to distribute replicated servers, on each of this zones, for example I have a project with the master database in one zone, and the replica on the other zone. Why both zones fail?? Are not isolated/independent? Amazon charges you for data transfer between zones. As other says fails the servers, anyone must had backups on other place (S3, or Amazon external).

Comment WebTrust Ca certifications (Score 1) 194

To be a CA is a serious thing it requires to have some certifications: Comodo CA Ltd is a commercial CA based in the UK and serving customers worldwide.
Audit: WebTrust CA, performed by Ernst and Young: Audit Report and Management's Assertions
Audit: WebTrust EV, performed by Ernst and Young: Audit Report and Management's Assertions

Do I have to trust Comodo?

Do I have to trust WebTrust certifications?

Do I have to trust Ernst and Young?

Comment Active directory could deploy for all the windows (Score 1) 286

If you have a Windows environment with a Active directory you could deploy with GPO (Group Policy) to all the desktops on the domain. If you have Linux desktops may be you colud deploy a package with the certificate. If you set up your own CA, then you must have to deploy the CA certificate once too.

Submission + - SPAM: Paper sundials

nereid666 writes: "Hello:

      I want to share with you, my creation, a webpage that combines the new technologies, google maps, web 2.0, with the ancient culture of sundials. The webpage allows to select a wall where you want to put your sundial, and then creates a Printable PDF, that you could cut and fold, and get a customized Paper sundial.

      The url is: [spam URL stripped]

      I think it colud be interesting for your readers.

      Best regards

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