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Comment Faulty assumption (Score 2) 413

Looks like this study makes the same faulty assumption that the news media does - that a voter can be counted on only to vote for the candidate of their preferred party. Those other candidates they magically transferred votes for didn't actually run in those districts, so saying one democrat is the same as another and one republican is the same as another - a fashionable and fun cynical fiction for sure - is just not true.

Comment Re: When upgrades break code (Score 1) 432

I was with you until you brought up VB and then proved you haven't got a clue what you are talking about. VB.NET code written for the 1.0 framework 14 years ago compiles and works exactly the same in the latest 4.5 release, full stop. If you're really referring to classic VB6 and prior, or the false notion that VB6 was ever intended to able to magically port to .NET, that's pretty much ancient history at this point. There's lots to complain about with VB, but Microsoft has had language compatibility right for almost 15 years now.

Comment It works (Score 1) 110

I just finished applying it to my 4th generation iPad. It took about 10 minutes, which was longer than I expected. It uploads an app to your device, which you then run to apply the jailbreak. If Apple would just include a Dvorak keyboard, my main reason for jailbreaking would be gone. Or rather, it would only be driven by my desire to tinker and not from any real need.

Comment Re: Fucking idiots (Score 4, Insightful) 1532

Well, thankfully you don't get a vote then. I for one am happy that someone is willing to stand up and say current behaviors are driving our country toward an inevitable debt burden we can never hope to repay, regardless of whether the message is popular. Someone is finally saying it's time to have a credible plan to turn things around. Now, if only they had a credible plan...

Comment Re:Google Should Know (Score 1) 105

How exactly would per-user encryption help? You can encrypt your emails if you want, but if Google does it per user, they still have the key.

The fact that currently, encryption would have to happen at Google smells to me like a gigantic flaw in the whole "web apps for everything" mantra. I can not only encrypt when I run my own mail client with standard protocols, but I even get to choose whether I want to go S/MIME or PGP. Neither is an option in the webmail space unless I want to delegate crypto to the service provider.

(Depending on your conspiracy bent, you could also say this constitutes a non-flaw from Google's perspective.)

Comment Re:for starters, don't dump previous customers (Score 1) 246

This. This. One hundred times, this. Owning an iPhone has meant that at the end of your two year contract, you're still getting software updates. And buying a smart phone is an investment in the eco-system. It's so simple, it's frightening that MS can't figure it out - those people who bought your product, the ones willing to give you money and buy apps from your store, keep those people happy. If you do, they will evangelize your product. If you don't those 2 years are an eternity of loathing. As a .NET dev, I want a phone I can enjoy writing software for, but they have yet to sell me on whether it's worth the investment. The Lumia is a gorgeous phone, but can they keep people using it happy for 2 years the way Apple does? Outlook not good. So I type away on slashdot via my iPhone and wait to give Apple my money for the iPhone 5s next year, sight unseen. Boring, but reliably good for the long haul.

Comment A simple fact remains... (Score 3, Interesting) 616

Agree or disagree with Miguel, Linus, Cox, or whomever... The simple point remains that just over a decade ago hardly anyone ran a Unix desktop. Linux looked poised to change that. But today, the most prevalent desktop OS isn't Linux, it's OS X. All the posturing and blaming and theorizing is great and all, but lost in all the bickering is the simple fact that Linux has yet to come out on top in the consumer space (minus embedded), and at this point no longer looks poised to ever do so. That may be fine for some, but for many the dream of an open source consumer PC OS is slipping away. I commend Miguel for at least being willing to say why he thinks so, rather than going on pretending the failure isn't a huge letdown to many of us. He may not be right about the why, but at least he's willing to admit the 'what', which is light years further than many in the community *cough* Stallman *cough* have been able to do.

Comment Columbus OH (Score 2) 999

We've weathered 3 tech downturns since I've been in the IT biz without a dent, our housing market didn't have a huge bubble so there wasn't much value lost, and unemploment in IT is near 1% here right now. Everyone's hiring developers. Lived here all my life - weather's decent if you like real snow in winter and heat in the summer, the city is growing and modern, and there's a fair amount to do if you prefer more family-oriented over a single's night life. If you write code, come. We'd love to have you.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 315

While true, that's a pretty disingenuous comment to the topic at hand. Anyone with previous iPhone experience can tell that the 4S battery life is abysmal. My 3 year old iPhone 3G lasted many hours longer than my brand new 4S. does It doesn't take millions of users to see this. It's not like it's barely noticeable.

Comment Stackoverflow answered this one already years ago (Score 1) 624

Strange. 10 years ago I used to get my news from slashdot first. Now, not so much anymore. This list is pretty exhaustive and has more backing than I expect you'd find anywhere else, including here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1711/what-is-the-single-most-influential-book-every-programmer-should-read

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