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Comment: WoW sold their soul (Score 2) 523

I have played for a long time, but as the years went by, Blizz broke the game to appease the QQing from the PVP crowd and the mechanics from PVP were incorporated into PVE and in the end, PVE became unrecognizable. PVE is some disgusting mutation, infected by PVP. MMOs are fun when you have other people to play with, but with all the expansions and revamping, WoW's flavor was homogenized to be a bland paste and it became just another kid on the block in a sea of WoW clones. WoW suffered the same fault as SWGalaxies of pandering to much to too many. I used to enjoy raiding, but unless you have a bunch of people with no lives and have the time to commit to a "2nd job" online, then trying to get a raid group together is next to impossible. I got married and had a kid, so I had other priorities and couldn't devote that much time. Casual WoW is only so fun, but unless you have raid gear, no guild will have you, but you can't get into a raid guild unless you have raid gear. It's a catch-22. Wife's cpu crapped out on her and without her in the game with me, it's just not that much fun since all my other friends left due to guild implosion and drama. So, I just cancelled my account this month. I am waiting for the Elder Scrolls MMO to come out. Then we will see how things look. I wouldn't mind looking at other MMOs, but even though Macs have Intel chips, not many developers are willing to write native code for Macs. (commence mac vs. pc flame war) Without my friends, MMOs aren't as fun, so until ESO comes out with dynamics servers... coordinating all my gamer friends to the same server is BS

Comment: Who cares? (Score 1) 143

by neptune612 (#40570463) Attached to: Best Buy Cuts 650 Geek Squad Techies
If the Geek Squad kid did anything of value, I would say this is significant, but they are hired lackeys to do nothing but be a face for an overpriced and underperforming scam operation! When Best Buy bought the original Minneapolis-based Geek Squad, it was the beginning of the end of their integrity and reputation. This is just Best Buy trimming the fat. To many of these kids behind the counter aren't any better than if your neighborhood lemonade stand did computer repairs too.

Comment: boohooo! (Score 1) 330

by neptune612 (#40420753) Attached to: SOPA Protests 'Poisoned the Well,' Says Congressional Staffer
Well, if your BOSS and his/her colleagues would stop making crappy legislation, then we wouldn't have to call your dumb ass and "poison the well" Not like these idiots in congress would even pay attention to the public anyway! We aren't lining their pockets like special interests are and therefore our opinion doesn't matter that much.

Comment: Apples patent (Score 1) 449

by neptune612 (#26619695) Attached to: Apple Awarded Patent For iPhone Interface
As much as I love Apple, this has the sounds of retribution for the Mac OS that MS has been stealing for the past 20+ years. Doesn't it just mean companies will have to buy the rights to use this technology/interface? It seems like companies who want to get on the bandwagon are going to fork out the cash or develop their own. Just follow Uncie Bill's lead and steal just enough to make it look like Apple, but isn't really Apple and there "aint" a damn thing Apple can do about it. I mean, when have the courts ever decided in Apples favor in reagards to other people ripping off Apples designs/look.

Comment: SPAM (Score 1) 258

by neptune612 (#25296849) Attached to: Prevent Gmail From Emailing Under the Influence
Why not work on something more useful like spam filters!?!? Granted, drunk emailing is well... luckily I'm a guy and not prone to getting drunk emails from women, regardless, spam is a bigger problem than ebc's! I get more spam in my gmail box than I do in my hotmail box... hehe hehe hehe I said box! It all started with me stupidly giving my gmail address to a computer moron, but I would expect better spam filters from an intelligent computer giant like Google.

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