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Comment: Useless Most of the Time (Score 4, Insightful) 518

by neorush (#46629549) Attached to: Department of Transportation Makes Rear View Cameras Mandatory
Our rearview camera is completely useless about 70% of the time, as the snow and mud almost always have it covered unless you physically get out of the car and clean it off. But good thing for this, lets make cars even more expensive for average joe just trying to get by.

Comment: Re:Kinda Suprised...but I guess I shouldn't be... (Score 1) 505

by neorush (#46133341) Attached to: The JavaScript Juggernaut Rolls On
...and poorly written python sucks up server resources. You can't say a language is bad because there are people out there who don't know how to efficiently leverage it. The reality is it uses less power / network to say calculate an md5 hash in-browser than to send a json or a full http request to the server. Despite that "bulky" inclusion of Crypto.js

Comment: Kinda Suprised...but I guess I shouldn't be... (Score 2, Insightful) 505

by neorush (#46128759) Attached to: The JavaScript Juggernaut Rolls On
I'm kind of surprised that there is not one good comment about the benefits of javascript up above this yet. I mean you can off load sooo much data to the client cpu. With the latest in webstorage and the sqlite port to JS I can actually create a friggen database server running on the client. WebRTC and WebSockets are seriously about the change everything in the next 1-2 years....I'm curious how many of the above posts are done by folks who actually do web development? It is pretty much indispensable these days, and really pretty awesome, so get used to it.

Comment: Cloning a phone just got easier... (Score 2) 192

by neorush (#45739357) Attached to: Embedded SIM Design Means No More Swapping Cards
How long before the market for phone serials are is just as big as credit card data. I would imagine this technology be jail broken in hours and then the bad guys can easily change phone numbers. Imagining being able to change phones in-between calls, or how about randomly using a stolen one...that said, I do feel moving this to software is a good idea. As long as I can switch carriers as easy as the carriers can switch it.

Comment: Re:Yeah, no ... (Score 1) 287

by neorush (#45683999) Attached to: More Students Learn CS In 3 Days Than Past 100 Years
Computer Science: the study of the principles and use of computers. I would dare say that coding is a use of a computer. If it gets kids fascinated in it, it is the BEST way to start. I did not pickup calculus very well until later in life because we are only taught how to solve a paper problem high-school. But, show kids how you can use calculus to land your Kerbal Space craft more efficiently....

Comment: Re:Yeah, no ... (Score 3, Insightful) 287

by neorush (#45680151) Attached to: More Students Learn CS In 3 Days Than Past 100 Years
This is a pretty academic way of looking at it. You have to start some where. When you were learning to add single digit numbers no one said "Learning a little bit about adding numbers is not Calculus." While in a literal sense it is not, you simply can not proceed without the latter.

Comment: We have a new record holder! (Score 1) 59

by neorush (#45680063) Attached to: Cybercrime Marketplace Mastermind Faces 18 Years In Prison
I watched an episode once of American Greed about Max Butler who had the longest prison sentence for hacking in history (13 years). In my opinion he had no remorse for what he did. He truly believed he didn't really hurt anyone. In his interview he was basically like, "when they raided me, I thought they were just picking up bricks (encrypted hard drives) but apparently the FBI has some really smart guys". He seemed more remorseful with the fact that he lost to the FBI than anything else. This guy probably deserved the sentence and then some. Also as a note, in the program they eluded to the fact that they needed to catch him with his machine running to decrypt everything....I'm sure the keys were in memory.

Comment: Sweet! (Score 1) 72

by neorush (#45597299) Attached to: Yota Phone Launches With Secondary E-Ink Display
I have absolutely eaten 50% of my battery in a two hour long meeting because I was constantly paging through documents of notes during the discussion. Most of it is spent with the document just sitting on the display for reference / discussion. I leave the LCD on because I have to keep unlocking the phone with my pin every time someone asks something like "what was that number from March?" This would also make reading more practical, as I often do not do any e-reading during the day because I am worried about battery life over 12hrs.

Comment: Re:no thanks. (Score 1) 249

by neorush (#45490077) Attached to: Hammerhead System Offers a Better Way To Navigate While Cycling
You've got it, I do this on my motorcycle all the time. I could mount it on the handle bars like a lot of guys, but I find it is just too distracting. If I'm really not sure I just stop and look at the screen. The other piece to this is to review your route before you head out. 2-3 mins of review and there is really no problem.

Comment: Re:I guess I'll see (Score 1) 156

by neorush (#45373013) Attached to: Next <em>World of Warcraft</em> Expansion: <em>Warlords of Draenor</em>
Darkfall tried this, the mechanics were just abused (their are no "levels"). So instead of grinding, people would macro their guy into doing the basic task to up that skill. On paper Darkfall looked awesome, it may have been implemented poorly, but I'm not sure there is a way to do it otherwise. If you're not else do you make it hard to level up?...that is the question....

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