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Comment Not a PC but... (Score 1) 332

I have an old dumb flip phone that has survived maybe not a while (I got it in '08) but has survived some pretty rough treatment. Besides the common accidental drop on concrete from my clumsiness or my tendency to toss the phone across the room for various reasons; the phone has survived being run over by delivery drivers, in the rain, while on a gravel parking lot, a water logged ceiling tile falling on it, and being stepped on by cleats. The only thing that doesn't work on it anymore is the front camera screen.

Comment Re:There are US DHS at London Gatwick?? (Score 1) 704

You pretend like any of that is binding. Sovereign countries can do whatever they want with another country's citizens within its borders. Countries usually don't treat foreigners poorly because it's bad for export business and sometimes it can lead to war.

There's no such thing as a free lunch, and you Europeans are relearning this fact. The EU is starting to crumble.

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