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Comment: Re:Land of the free (Score 1) 579

by neoritter (#48627955) Attached to: Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'

I respect your opinion, and from where you are from, what you are saying is both logical and factual. BUT. The US isn't Denmark. The underlying difference is the US has so many guns, that you're not going to get rid of them without some massive dictatorship like crackdown. To propose getting rid of guns in the US is just as ridiculous as thinking we'd be able to deport tens of millions of illegal immigrants easily.

Denmark doesn't have as many wide swaths of sparsely populated towns, it's a fact. Population density for Denmark? 131/km2. US? 34.2/km2. Last but not least, Denmark has a different cultural history than the US. The gun is a simple of freedom and liberty. It's an enshrined notion in our society. The ability of the people to be armed curbs oppressive governance.

So please, respectfully, take your elitist attitude elsewhere. No one here gives two shits whether you think we're "silly."

Comment: Re:As with all space missions: (Score 1) 200

by neoritter (#48627575) Attached to: NASA Study Proposes Airships, Cloud Cities For Venus Exploration

Columbus used an earlier and rejected position for the East coast of Asia and assumptions based on Marco Polo's travels. At that time, everyone was using Ptolemy's estimates. Ptolemy estimated that Asia's East Coast was 180 degrees East of the Canary islands, versus Columbus' 225 (old estimate) + 28 (Marco Polo) + 30 (because Columbus). So yes a more accurate and trustworthy estimate was being used at the time.

Further, if Asia's East coast was further East, then the Atlantic would be smaller and would be potentially traversable by contemporary ships. It just so happened that Columbus was a lucky idiot and the Caribbean was just about where he thought Japan was. Mariners of the day thought he was stupid to think he could traverse the Atlantic to reach Asia and not starve before getting there. Which was the reason he couldn't find anyone to fund his exploratory voyage. You can complicate it all you want, but the basic issue at hand was that Columbus thought the Atlantic was smaller than what the majority of everyone else thought it was.

Comment: Re:It's Obvious (Score 1) 138

by neoritter (#48603331) Attached to: How Birds Lost Their Teeth

Because I'm lazy, wikipedia:

A variety of oral hygiene measures have been used since before recorded history prior to the toothbrush.[6] This has been verified by various excavations done all over the world, in which chew sticks, tree twigs, bird feathers, animal bones and porcupine quills were recovered.

While not strictly brushing and flossing. It's pretty dang close.

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