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Comment: Re:Meh (Score 1) 830 830

by neoritter (#49841745) Attached to: Presidential Candidate Lincoln Chaffee Proposes That US Go Metric

Agree wholeheartedly. Also to add, Celsius isn't REALLY metric. It's just part of the metric system by arbitrary decision. Another thing is, Fahrenheit's 100 was originally set to be about the average human body temperature. Even today, it's easy to tell that if you have a temp over 100 you probably are sick. Setting the bounds of 0-100 based on when water freezes and cools is incredibly arbitrary honestly. As water boils at different temps based on atmospheric pressure. Lastly, Rankine units. If you want to get into science and math, Rankine I think is better than Kelvin. Why? Same bound for 0 (absolute), but the units are the higher resolution Fahrenheit. Better precision, means less fractions, easier to do math with.

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