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Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 791

To be a priest? Yes. But a monk? No. Though yes on all counts to being Roman Catholic. I guess you could lie, but that'd be unethical and technically theologically sinful. And you'd have to take those vows that monks usually take.

Thinking about it, up until maybe this last decade, if you were a nerdy Catholic kid that'd be a pretty easy gig to get into.

Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 791

Not to get off topic, but that's kind of the appeal and the strength of the Church's scientific work. They don't have to worry about those profit or subsistence driven timetables. They can take their time, study, restudy, then restudy some more. They can do the whole reproducibility part of science pretty well.

Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 791

[quote]I wonder if some of these men would be into religion if they lived in modern times. It seems to me that back in the day the church was a great place for someone into science to get "funded" to do some research. [/quote]

That may be a viable argument for Mendel and early scientists that laid the foundation for modern European intellectual thought, it doesn't apply to the ones making contributions today or in recent history (like Lemaitre).

You might find some chaff in that list, but you'll see there's still plenty of scientists in multiple fields that are tied to the Church. In just the field of astronomy we have comets, areas of moons/planets, and space craft named after them.

Comment Re:Which everyone had to be (Score 1) 791

Is that why the "father of the modern scientific method" Robert Grosseteste was a BISHOP? Nevermind that monks are people who have taken religious vows. Mendel by the way was a Friar, which is similar but different than a monk. Either way, in both cases they join religious orders. This is something that any person wishing to get educated DID NOT have to do. Going to religious school and being a monk are not synonymous.

Comment Re:I Should Be A Judge (Score 1) 791

Because of the improvised nature of IEDs (the first word genius), real IEDs can look like anything. So in effect the clock he made looks like an IED, because anything can. The law is there for the common person not have to deal with believed threats that are not real. If it looks like something "like a cartoon or movie bomb," which is what most people expect an IED or terrorist bomb to look like, than it's illegal.

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