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+ - Like a Redstone Cowboy->

neonsignal writes: Machine creations in Minecraft are becoming increasingly complex as people build on each other's ideas. Some notable examples include a Rubik's cube simulator, a 5 channel music sequencer, a 3D color printer, a 16 bit processing unit, and Conway's Game of Life. My own recent contribution is the world's slowest Universal Turing Machine. I'm now waiting for someone to implement Tetris in redstone logic.
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+ - Airbus compensation claim->

neonsignal writes: More than 100 passengers were injured in a 2008 incident in Western Australia, in which the Airbus A330 suddenly pitched down twice in succession. A class action has been initiated in the USA. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau report refers to 'spikes' on one of the three air data inertial reference units, which the flight computer did not filter correctly, resulting in the abrupt attitude change.
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+ - Merry merry copyright king of the bush is he...-> 2 2

neonsignal writes: Iconic Australian band Men at Work have been ordered to pay royalties for an instrumental riff in their song "Down Under". The notes were sampled from a well-known children's song "Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree", written in 1934 for a Girl Guide's Jamboree. The Justice found the claims of the copyright owner Larrikin to be excessive, but ordered the payment of royalties and a percentage of future profits. Let's hope the primary schools are up to date with their ARIA license fees!
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+ - autopsy of Tutankhamen->

neonsignal writes: Royal mummies, including that of Tutankhamen, are the subject of a paper in The Journal of the American Medical Association. Co-author archeologist Zahi Hawass, says that Tutankhamen died of malaria (on top of the infection in a broken leg). The scientists involved in the study also genetically reconstructed a 5-generation pedigree of his immediate lineage.
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+ - Malaysian blogger on trial for sedition

neonsignal writes: Raja Petra Kamarudin, a Malaysian blogger, is in court under the Internal Security Act, under which he can be detained indefinitely. He is well known for his commentary on the Malaysian government, and was arrested after a piece on the murder of a Mongolian woman, who was allegedly killed by two policeman and an associate of the deputy prime minister. RPK founded and writes for a site called Malaysia Today , which receives over 1 million hits every day.

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